Saturday, April 16, 2016

evolution kingdom muir

 "Not in the shouts and plaudits of the throng, 
but in ourselves, are triumph and defeat." 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You should have paid attention in Spanish class.

More silver spray paint in the studio yesterday, the lamp came out well and looks good silver instead of blue but now the shade isn't right-  it looks too yellow against the silver.  But for now it will have to be as-is.  One thing leads to the next, doesn't it?  I was able to use the newly painted silver basket as a successful bread basket last night at the latest dinner party.  I've pretty much got the evening down now after three times of making basically the same things.  There aren't many friends down here with Middle Eastern roots so I have been feeding a series of people things from TY's Armenian background, with a lot of wiggle room as I change out things I don't love and add in things I do.  It's basically a 3-package pita bread meal-  some toasted up as croutons for the salad, some cut in triangles for the mezza course, and finally loaves cut in half for the kabobs if they want a sandwich instead of a pile o' food.  
I don't know what happened last night-  guess I fouled things without realizing it but I could have another 6 people here tonight and do it all over again, there is so much left even after they all gobbled it all down.  

And today I am free for some studio time as I try to clean up half-started projects and never-was projects and all the tools and junk associated.  I was checking for shows to enter but haven't been able to plug in any existing work because of either themes or sizes not matching.  I gotta get ahead of this again and back in the game.  Sigh.  I know you're sick of hearing me whine but the year that I spent concentrating on the house really put me back and it's hard to jump back in.  And I have to clean out the detritus and get those dog beds sewn up!  I'll make some puppy sizes as well as St. Bernard sizes so everybody can get one.  Can I tell you how much I HATE binding quilts?  And that's my current stumbling block.

Everybody has a talent and here's the latest Guiness World Record to be proud of.  All I can say is YIKES.  This gal is certainly a boneless chicken, ey?

Happy Weekend!   

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