Wednesday, April 06, 2016

indemnify animate mask

"A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country."
Tex Guinean

Right.  Adults.  
Coloring Books are crap-  If you love those colored pencils and marker sets so much draw something REAL with them.  Learn to amuse yourself with your own work, not spending time finishing up somebody else's lines.  This whole craze is making me nuts since I have rallied against coloring books for my whole life.  Instead:  Grab a piece of computer paper and your crayons and draw a DOODLE if you must, or better still, draw something in front of you.  Simply follow along it's edges with your eyes and transfer what you see to your hand.  Think of it as a discipline to master without using your brain.  Do another one. Now another one.  Tomorrow do more.  Keep them in a file or throw them out, but do more.  Next month check them all and congratulate yourself on how you are LEARNING TO DRAW.  If you want me to provide lessons and encouragement I'd be happy to-  it's what I did for a living and what I love to do for other people so they can discover THEY CAN TOO draw!   If you want occasional ideas, some lessons and lots of encouragement, let me know!  )And you don't have to tell me about your coloring books!)

Instead of coloring books today, we are gonna learn about Monet-  watch this video filmed in 1915 of his painting!  I found a bunch of very old videos of Impressionists that I am posting to IMPRESS YOU.  

Working on site outside is called Plein Air painting-  when you get a chance take your paper out to your porch/terrace/yard, or hell, sit in your car- and draw what you see right in front of you.  It may be a pinecone or a branch or a fallen leaf but take your time and follow those edges!  

Add color if you want but color to a drawing is like Kodachrome film:  gives those 'nice  bright colors, like the greens of summer, makes all the world a sunny day, woo hoo!'  

Remember the next chorus?
 "If you took all the girls I knew when I was singleBrought 'em all together for one nightI know they'd never match my sweet imaginationEverything looks better in black and white"
mama don't take my Kodachrome
mama don't take my Kodachrome 
mama don't take my Kodachrome away... 

Barcelona-based paper artist Raya Sader Bujana designed these fantastic serial plane paper figures in collaboration with photographer Garcia Mendez for an Olympic themed stock photography shoot. Each figure is cut from up to 150 pieces of paper joined by hundreds of tiny 3mm separators to create the delicate layering effect. Bujana shares more her process over on All Things Paper and you can see some of her unrelated origami jewelry in her Etsy shop.

And even better if you do your own!

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