Sunday, April 10, 2016

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Cuban José Martí: “The more artistic a craft, the richer the craftsperson.” 

Squirrel in your REAR VIEW MIRROR

Seems like my whole weekend has been sitting around knitting, except the it's been a stunner of a few days, cool, breezy, and simply fabulous so my sitting has been outside.  I have also 'discovered' Midsomer Murders on the Roku and it comes in just fine on the outside tv.  Amazing what bad teeth the English had, but each 1 1/2 hour show keeps my attention for other things too.  Love a new series-  should take me a few days to get through this!  Meanwhile the sweater is coming along and I am almost ready to bind off and start the armhole and neck pick ups.  It matches up nicely with a tee shirt that fits so I am hopeful it won't be a waste of my time...  again.

I found out that a show I planned on entering doesn't work for the two quilts I hd in mind-  neither fits the parameters, dammit.  I don't think I have  anything else that will work the theme either, but will go over it all with a fine tooth comb tomorrow to make sure.  There may be something in the 'old and forgotten' log o' quilts, maybe something moldering around in a box somewhere.  There didn't seem to be an age limit so maybe.

Speaking of age limits, here's something from 1919 (!),continuing my current season of artists.

I'm not generally a fan of palette knife paintings but these blew me out of the water-  hope you appreciate his deft hand too!

I really want to touch these oil paintings. But I won’t. This is the stunning work of Swiss artist Conrad  Jon Godly. Perhaps it’s the Canadian in me, but majestic snowy mountains will always have a special place in my heart, and I absolutely love the way he’s captured them in paint… thick, dripping paint. Gorgeous.

                                           Later, Gators-

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