Tuesday, May 10, 2016

callus effaceable philanthrope

“To be an artist is a guarantee to your fellow humans that the wear and tear of living will not let you become a murderer,”  Louise Bourgeois

(Just in case you're paying attention the Sox are up 11-0! Geesh, the high hopes begin-)


Just when you thought you'd seen all the arty painting animals on earth.  
Meet Winklehimer. 

Well, FINALLY I managed to get to the studio yesterday after the family drove out the driveway.  I just couldn't face the laundry and clean-up so went to the studio where the is no laundry, but sure needs a lot of clean-up!  Instead I worked on one of the Altered Book pages since I have to get two months ahead and will be gone most of June.  By accident I ended up with one I really like, though it started in a whole different direction.  It's funny how every once in awhile there is no angst!  Of course when there is no angst you also question it because you're so used to self doubt and trepidation. Sigh.  When I get back there tomorrow I will probably wonder what the hell I was thinking but IN MY MIND I think I knocked this one and will head on to the next!  

This collaboration has been quite fun and I'm trying to 1.  Use old samples or scraps or 'stuff' I already have on hand, and 2.  Stay close to each person's theme yet my own style of working.  I think there are 8 or 10 of us-and each month I also make a page for my own book to kinda flesh it out!  And for that I also try to use just old stuff lying around.  Nice challenge, but of course I have 750 square feet of old crap to choose from-  a no-brainer.  I also worked on a patchwork piece that I started a while ago-  all my Kaffe stripes that have vaguely yellow tones are sewn together and it really unintentionally looks like Kente cloth!  I'll send pictures when I get a chance and a camera in the same neighborhood. 

An iconic mural towers over the intersection of New York’s Houston and Mott Streets, a 50-foot-tall piece produced in tandem with the Guggenheim’s exhibition “Peter Fischli and David Weiss: How to Work Better.” The simple, ten-point list is one that is not uncommon, in fact it is one often encountered in artists’ studios and offices tacked up as a reminder of effective work patterns and collaboration.  I know I've posted these 'laws' here before, thought you'd get a kick from this gigantic version!

100 Wonderbreads of the World, an ongoing work by artist, educator, and activist Kyle Lane-McKinley, which is on display as part of In Conversation, a show of UC Santa Cruz Art Faculty work curated by Shelby Graham at the R. Blitzer Gallery. Anyone casually familiar with Lane-McKinley will know him to be a deep thinker with a keen awareness of intersections between art, society, media culture, technology, and politics. 100 Wonderbreads, which features an ever-growing collection of iconic portraits laser-etched onto pieces of dried Wonder Bread.  ““When my friends and I first got access to a laser cutter in 2010 or so, the idea of etching the image of Jesus into toast was one of the first things we joked around about,” said Lane-McKinley, via email.”

Won't mean a thing if you're not a sewist.  Less of you're a diabetic sewist, but hey, if you're not a sewist, what are you reading this blog for?

Made two beds today, did five loads of laundry-  one was the cushion covers off my slipcovered couch I had washed before but last time the cushion came out the same size, this time I must have put it through the hot wash because it's 6" shorter than it should be.  I am hoping as it dries it will flatten out the cushion a bit more... what are the chances o that-  probably none. BUT it's clean.  The dogs take turns on this couch and I can see their dirty body prints after they get up.  Hope it works.  Have two more beds to go and then the wipe-down and vacuum-up before things look pretty again- and maybe my shoulder will stop hurting- making beds always sets me back to the 6 months of PT, hope not this time.  Fortunately the weather here this past week was right out of a Florida Travel Book. and the kids were busy outside every minute- I'm still driving around with a wet towel in my back seat.

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