Sunday, May 08, 2016

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“I find that a great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.” ~ Franklin P. Adams

creepy garden ornament squirrel, "All the better to bite you m'dear"

Been awhile since I had time to blog, sorry I have been amongst the missing lately but life has piled it's truckload of manure right here on my head and I've been shoveling out for a week or more.  You know the kind of week-  just one thing after another comes along and makes you neglect the usual duties and then you're behind because you've been too busy to tend to normal tasks and on it goes.  Found myself throwing laundry in the washer at 1 AM and hoping the vibrations and running water didn't wake up my family staying upstairs.  Our daughter and her family are here, leaving in the morning with the kiddos.  the house is a sticky mess and I haven't begun to pickup and wipe down yet.  Tomorrow will be for getting things back in a semblance of order, though I won't even attempt to get to the studio.

I did sneak out for an hour and a half today under the excuse of helping Hazel make a flip book about Bald Eagles.  We had already visited Busch Wildlife refuge and taken pictures and drawn eagles from life, but she needed direction on how to make an eagle fly on paper.  I cut a pile of papers to make the book and poked the holes for binding.  then I helped her make templates and stencils to repeat the same eagle shape-  she did the work, I just told her how.  And she then drew 11-12 pages of her eagle swooping in on a fish in the stream.  An overly ambitious project for a second grader!  Hope *I* do well on my grade!

I'm sure you're not into my cooking adventures for the family, suffice it to say we dealt with one pastaterian, no animals and another one who loves animals to et.  the taunting went a bit over the top and near drove me screaming out of the room a new times, but I would retreat to the kitchen and mom-up on a sink loads of dishes or the un-eaten fruit or the constant need for more food from everybody.  When on earth does somebody feed me?   

I do know my own mother got a bit tight-mouthed when we descended on her for week at a time.  I know we too left a trail of crumbs from one door to another and she never freaked out on us, but I did know we tried her patience.  My father's reaction to his only family's visit was to hit the bottle a bit harder.  And those visits al ways ended in tears, but here I am repeating it all-  not exactly a happy cycle of life.

So, today in my isolation tank studio I was able to sew quite a ew of the yellow and orange stripes together.  Love those caffe stripes and finally am doing something with them-  love how they blend from one fabric to another without being able to see any seams.  Don't quite know what I'm doing with it yet, will sew it all together into a squarish shape and see where I stand.   

'A Way With Words' podcast-

One of my favorite artists from the 60's was Marisol who was quite famous for her constructions depicting humans made into blocks of wood with roughly carved  faces and appendages.  She died this week at 85 so I will show you some of her work to remember her by, I first saw her work in the Albright Knox Gallery in Buffalo and was completely in love from then on!

And finally, her Last Supper construction:

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Finally, another twins image to get my teeth into!  Stay tuned on this one!

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