Tuesday, May 17, 2016

carla concocter neoprene

"Politics are the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other."
 ~Oscar Ameringer~ 

I don't know where this little guy comes from but he sure is a pretty fur combination, sort of coyoteish-wolfish-bobcatish.  

I wish I knew what happens to my days here, they seem to evaporate with activity I don't even remember doing.  Had 8 more people to dinner Saturday night and it took most of Sunday to recover.  I've called a moratorium on dinner parties for awhile.  First of all so many people go north for the summers, second-  I need a break from hauling groceries and cooking for 3 days at a time.  So, no more until I am back from Boston when I may have a BBQ or something easy.  I do love to cook and set it all up...but it doesn't much jibe with my introvert personality so the actual guest thing is difficult.  I foisted off the inviting and scheduling on TY who has more patience than I do in that department, then I get busy for a week planning and sourcing and cleaning.  Exhausting.  I'm on sabbatical.

Also I have been doing preliminary plans on the new condo-  finding things I know I need and trying to remember what might be in that storage unit all this time.  I know I have way too much stuff there, and don't want any of it here so there will be a problem getting rid of things.  And I am starting to pack up stuff I need for a 2 week stay because I THINK I only left winter stuff up there...but I don't remember!  I am making a pile in the garage of things to ship up when I see IF I need them.  I am so anxious to get this over with-  this is the fourth move-out or move-in in just one year and I don't want to think about my piles of stuff ANY MORE!  I am channeling Kay with her ability to purge!  Wish she would come with me to help!

But there I go whining again.  Let
s talk about art, eh?  Found this the other day, and it's only of my favorite guys in a simply FAB jacket 'splainin' stuff to us-   
John Waters Explains Cy Twombly

(I am out the door looking for a plain beige jacket right this second)

Wonderbread Art

100 Wonderbreads of the World, an ongoing work by artist, educator, and activist Kyle Lane-McKinley“When my friends and I first got access to a laser cutter in 2010 or so, the idea of etching the image of Jesus into toast was one of the first things we joked around about,” said Lane-McKinley, via email. The project obviously references the tabloidesque revelation of visions of holy figures discovered in toast, water stains, or other everyday materials.
The joke centers on the ease with which, using this crazy machine, one can create this object which previously appeared as downright miraculous. We weren’t initially particularly concerned with whose likeness was etched on the toast, just that the image was iconic enough to be easily recognized — and, of course, in order for the joke to work, the person has to be dead. Now I’m much more interested in who is included, but not in the sense of who the person was in their lifetime, so much as how their image circulates as a commodity in their death.

And with that I am off to the studio, a good thing because the computer there isn't working well and I cannot surf around easily- and that will keep me from finding that linen blazer I am gonna paint!  Maybe. 

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