Thursday, May 19, 2016

abstain delectate conductance

"Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel."
                        ~John Quinton~

Wow, I didn't realize squirrels were pipe smokers!  I actually have never smoked a pipe, perhaps that's another thing I should take up now that my cells aren't dividing at the same rate.  

Stayed away from the studio today because I got a bright IDEA and have been mulling it and muddling it in my brain to imagine if it would work.  Still thinking.  I put it out my Boston crit group since it involves them, and one member was so concerned that she called me on the phone to talk me down!  I promised her I would draw it out to help explain.  It basically involves using 40 years worth of remaining quilts I have lying around.  Or not...  And yes, there will still be lots left for the rescue dog kennel beds.  I haven't made any official count but I estimate there are over 200 quilts flopping around the studio unloved.  I want to get them out into the light again for one more pony show-  the dog show part is already spoken for.

Today I have to change all my appointments to scheduled for the next couple of weeks to new dates when I get back.  I was so good to make them all-  eyes, teeth, other parts, mammogram, endocrinologist, blood work for the time that south Florida clears out, now I have to re-engineer them all.  Going today for pedicure because how can you move into a new house with messy toe polish?  

Way back when I was an art teacher in a middle school I did a drawing exercise with the kids to simply draw a telephone (this, like I said, was WAY back when everybody had a telephone in the house, now quaintly known as a landline!)  The exercise was to illustrate how we don't 'see' things in front of us every day and our mind makes up things we think we know all about.  They would start out scoffing at the idea until they tried to remember how the dial or buttons were arranged, where the receiver hookup was, how the cord was attached.  It generated much discussion and some quite odd pictures of phone-like objects.  We did this exercise a few times over the year with other items they handled every day.  Here's an interesting version of that along with the models as they would appear if made from the drawings.  Love this!

(no chain!)
(the chain that goes nowhere!)

(my favorite-  check the double chains and the textured tires!)
Back in 2009 Gianluca Gimini began pestering friends and random strangers with a pen and a sheet of paper asking that they immediately draw  a men’s bicycle, by heart. Soon he found out that when confronted with this odd request most people have a very hard time remembering exactly how a bike is made. Some did get close, some actually nailed it perfectly, but most ended up drawing something that was pretty  far off from a regular men’s bicycle.
Little did he know this is actually a test that psychologists use to demonstrate how our brain sometimes tricks us into thinking we know something even though we don’t.  Over the course of six years, Gianluca eventually collected nearly 400 drawings of these imagined bicycles, made by people ranging from age three to 88. Now, in a project he calls Velocipedia, he’s turned some of these wonky bike designs into realistic 3D renderings. Paired with the sketches themselves, the renderings become a unique illustration of the human imagination’s tendency to fill in the holes of our limited memories. The drawings are also a collection of strange impossible machines — most of these bikes, if built, would be unrideable.

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