Saturday, May 21, 2016

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 ‘I will stop wearing black, when they invent a darker color’ 

Long necked Squirrel stuck in a crate and covered with flowers.  
From etsy-  it can be yours, he cannot escape or scratch your eyes out!
(But he certainly does make 'em bleed, eh?)

I am now fully invested in the Quilt Project-  I started the other day grabbing a quilt that was my brother's childhood quilt, completely in tatters and certainly in no shape to be hauled around the country- basically not even a cutter it since it's stuffings were poking out in so many blocks.  I sliced that thing up without even thinking about it.  Carrying memories that are SOMEONE ELSES is a waste of time and emotion so I had no problem doing it.  I got 6 big squares out of it plus the edges I was able to sew together (zigzag, dark gray thread, just to hold together a bit), cut the centers out,  and I threaded them onto the song tube.  It looks like it's gonna work!

I am thinking I need to DO something with the center circles I am cutting out too...  That plan is on the shelf for now- too much to think about.

I made an Executive Decision that I would be wasting my time tragically by trying to bind the raw edges and frankly like them open to see the batting or whatever might be inside.  This was an especially helpful decision when it comes to binding the inside circle~   Plus I am lazy.  Of course transporting this sucker anywhere will be difficult unless I accompany it and reassemble but we will face that bridge when we come to it. SO, there ya go, an in-process post FINALLY.

I am starting the fifth quilt today.  When I get a good pile going I am going to mix them up so the order will be random and people will be able to ruffle through the pile to moan about them being all cut up and what a shame and pity pity pity. Well, screw it, these things have been albatrosses since the 70's-  I got them at auctions, as gifts, and hand-me-downs, and of course even made a few hundred.  I am not cutting up ALL my quilts, only saving out a few of the best.  Can't figure out whether to call it 'Life's Work' or 'Autobiography' but am leaning to the latter.

Additional problem is I must figure out some sort of stable stand so it won't be tippy- though even falling over might be interesting to see!  TBD

I've been so busy lately that I haven't been mining the inter webs for cool stuff, so later I hope to replenish my files with a bit of surfing around and following leads from one site to another.  I am not as attracted to paining as more craft related pursuits, but I found this guy's work and forgot to get his name-  I took to google and found him immediately, and here he is, for our bloggie 
ART PART of the day:

Nope, these are NOT photographs, unbelievably as it is!
really want to touch these oil paintings. But I won’t. This is the stunning work of Swiss artist Conrad  Jon Godly. Majestic snowy mountains will always have a special place in my heart, and I absolutely love the way he’s captured them in paint… thick, dripping paint. Gorgeous.  Go see his other work on his site-  he does a similar thing with amazing rolling hills and fields.  Love this dripping impasto paint!

Well, OK, then.

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Max said...

So you are threading these squares on a sono tube? (cut me some slack, just woke up and read your blog) Creating a new artist book form? Will the squares turn on the tube or be stationary? Will they have enough give to let viewers slide them? Inquiring minds want to know.