Tuesday, May 03, 2016

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It is very comforting to believe that leaders who do terrible things are, in fact, mad. That way, all we have to do is make sure we don't put psychotics in high places and we've got the problem solved. (Tom Wolfe) 
(anybody hear me here???)

OK, OK, I am stretching the definition of 'squirrel' here.  Deal with it.

In Other News, we had a closing yesterday on our former house here in FL.  It was so uneventful that we didn't even go!  The walk-through did show that TY had never emptied his bathroom drawers so I an over at the last minute and collected all his stuff-  I can't imagine that he didn't miss it after leaving that house 6 months ago.  Sigh.  He 'found' the prescription he thought he had lost, as well as a life-time supply of new razors-  must have been the Costco pack for a fraternity!  I never got the one plant I wanted to bring here, but since I did get the two huge aloes I can't be greedy.  They too will have babies around their base soon and I'll plant them around.  Since they get to be about 8' across  (with lethal spines!) I don't need too many more.

Continuing along with the 'House Closing' theme I am on, we are also closing at the end of May on the new tiny condo in MA.  It's a new town for us but happens to be the center of all things Armenian-  I will be packing grocery 'supplies' every time I go back there!  I have a Middle Eastern shop here in West Palm but it certainly is small compared to the whole district of grocery stores in Watertown MA.  (You might remember Watertown as the place that the Boston Marathon  bomber was cornered in a boat.  Yup, now it's my new home town...)  So, after the first week in June I will be officially finished with real estate transactions enough to last me another lifetime.  I am really looking forward to being able to get in and out of Boston at will again!  And I can have my own coffee maker and a place for the Uggs!  You may know I haven't actually seen this place yet-  we sort of bought it online, signed the P&S on Docu-sign, and got an email that the inspection went OK.  Very odd to say the least.  But the space and location seem to be OK and I won't mention the fabulous grocery/farm stand right across the street that has hand made pasta, rotisserie chickens and ribs, and about 30 varieties of every imaginable ethnic vegetable.  I can't stay there too long or I will have to build bonfires to cook in the parking area-  the condo has an (UGH) electric stove so I will be scurrying back to my big ole blue gas room sized stove quickly.  

Alrighty, enough about me, let's get back to talking about Harvard's collection of colors!  

I don't know if they have any visitors but will call to find out as soon as I am near!  Field Trip!  It's amazing where the colors come from and how they can be used to date and authenticate work-  but hey, the video will tell you all about it.

Can you guess what this is made from?

creepy, eh?


Frances Goodman, “Medusa” (2013–14), acrylic nails, foam, and metal, 
63 x 39.4 x 27.6 in (click to enlarge)

South African artist Frances Goodman is interested in the relations between femininity, costuming, and role-playing. In her show Rapaciously Yours, at Richard Taittinger Gallery, by reworking the materials that typically signify her gender, she evokes models of femininity that are visually enticing but also strange, mythic, and untamable.  The best work in the exhibition evokes the motif of acrylic nails. With Lick My Lollipop (2016) and That’s Hot! Pink (2016), the martial quality of fake nails is brought forward: Both pieces look like shellacked nails that have been tapered and elongated to form a ceremonial shield for a special contingent of Greek infantry. These works suggest the uneasy relationship between sex, power, and desire that is brought to the surface by performed femininity.

And with that I go now...  See you in a bit when I might actually have some work done.Either that or I'll get my own acrylic nails.

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