Saturday, June 11, 2016

contradictory cahoot dribble

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Love the juxtaposition of the subject matter embroidery against that wallpaper!  And wallpaper is making a come-back, I wonder if squirrel decor is...

And while we are speaking of 'decor' (in the loosest sense of the word!), ready for my update on the tiny place up north?  I managed to get the living room clear enough so we can now sit down without our knees touching.  We are foregoing any coffee table and using an old hassock instead, much smaller and can be easily kicked out of the way.  The 9x12 rug fills the room which only has 1 wall.  One other wall is a door to the too-narrow-for-a-chair balcony and the tv is on the opposite wall.  The door to the (ahem) balcony has two side lights so the whole wall is glass looking out to the next building and about 100 windows looking out as US!  I know this because I am also watching them, sort of a 'Rear Window' situation.

The Master Bedroom, more appropriately now the Master Mess

The  laughable 'dining room' is at the other end of the room and I am ordering a table that's 36" across, the space can't take any more than that.  I also bought 4 wicker chairs (maybe rattan?) so 2 can be permanently on the balcony and two at the table.  TY has promised me I won't be having dinner parties there.  We'll see about that.  If you enter the front door you may just have to kick achair out of the way.  The dining room bleeds into the (hahahahaahhhha) kitchen-  a peninsula with dark brown granite and very dated cupboards which are so small that my apartment sized bottle of olive oil won't slide in.  I threw way all my spices since they were in storage for a year and simply cannot be any good BUT there was also not a place for much besides salt and pepper-  in the small containers!

Behind the living room is the master bedroom, a room so chopped up by other rooms jutting into it that the movers wouldn't even set up my bed in there-  if they did we would have to climb over it to get to the bathroom, not a pretty thought at advancing age.  So instead that became the Hoarders Closet and everything that wouldn't fit was dumped in there. Fortunately the second bedroom was a nice square room so the bed did fit but no side tables!  And the bathroom is down the hall.  And the carpeting is nasty.  So, 
as you can tell, I have much work to do and hope I can get appointments set up for next time I go.  The point of all this complaining is moot-  I WANTED small, I WANTED efficient, I WANTED convenient-  I got all those.  It's just that I guess I never thought to WANT my furniture.  

We're having the blinds replaced because they are that paper stuff and apparently never been cleaned. Also we hope to replace the kitchen cabinets and take them to the ceiling for more storage and perhaps a box of cereal!  And I am definitely replacing the ceiling lights, and hopefully the carpeting.  And I've picked a bunch of new paint chips mimicking the FL house because I find it calming and up to date.  Home Depot, here we come-  I should probably just apply for a job there...probably couldn't find an apron to fit though.

I'll have some art pictures soon.  I am finally back on my own schedule and not racing about so I can take time and actually mess about on the laptop.  SPEAKING OF THAT---  I brought my dead iPod home with me, and last night plugged it into it's charger.  It flickered a bit and then WHAMM, the Apple appeared and it's on and charging right now!  I hope I didn't lose much but I am so happy it's back that I do't care if it's only half there!  Report to follow.


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