Sunday, June 12, 2016

agnes fee acumen

“A composition is the organized sum of the interior functions of every part of the work.” (Wassily Kandinsky)
Yours guitar playing squirrel pillow is waiting for you on etsy!

More boxes unloaded, more boxes broken down, more wrapping papers bagged and stuffed down the chute (yeah, I have a trash chute now!)  Unfortunately I am completely out of kitchen cupboard space and don't have any food in here yet!  Think I will go to a kitchen guy tomorrow and get some prices, I can certainly design a better and more efficient space than this,small as it is.  And same with closets-  nice sized walk-in but with hardware store metal racks on just two walls-  need a trip to the Container Store next.  
Or maybe not.  Maybe the thing is to call the Vets or some other organization and just have them clear out this room before I start 'rescuing' stuff!  

And we have the ART PART of the day next:

Bosch Parade, where else but the Netherlands:

Part of the Artists Book Collaboration this month is this little crow I made for the gal wanting birds as her theme.  I searched around looking for images but nothing seemed right until I realized I need to send MY favorite bird, a crow!  I found this image of a baby bird, printed it on a Japanese cotton that I've been saving for something 'special'.  All the lines were traced with the machine, and leaves from a batik were fussy cut and fused down.  I also printed out some driftwood and made that into his branch.  Originally I had many more leaves but it began to look too crowded instead of minimalist so I ripped them off and stuck with the KISS theory.  Anyway, since I already mailed it off, here is her picture of June.  Now I must hurry to get a page for July for another book!

Today we took some time off and drove up to Ipswich to see our favorite 8 year old play her final Lacrosse game of the undefeated season.  We were really looking forward to this and she was excited we were coming to watch.  However two days ago we got a call that she had fallen off the monkey bars at school and broken her arm.    She is the forlorn one in the turquoise hoodie in the background.  Ipswich WON, keeping their undefeated season status.  What a bunch of great players!  Obviously she wasn't playing but we went anyway since we promised.  In spite of rain too. Plus we figured we could get our annual fried clam dose before the game, and then the promised ice cream after.  Perfect.

if you're gonna have monsters in your life, make 'em golden ones.

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