Tuesday, June 21, 2016

puffin extremis cal

“Friends are people who know you really well and like you anyway.” – Greg Tamblyn

Another offering from etsy- tell me this ain't cute!  I'd get it in a nano-second if I collected squirrels in real-life.  I don't.  I just collect them for youse-guise.  You're welcome.

Yesterday I never made it to the studio since it was errand-girl day.  Also I am being held hostage by a couple of canines who don't like me to go anywhere without them.  So, I got down to the FedEx office to mail-our-mail which has to go byFedEx up to MA since we haven't opened a mailbox up there.  I got in with nobody there and was filling out the mailing form when two women came in dragging the biggest duffle bag I've ever seen-  there could have been two large guys inside and it was all pink camouflage.  They got right up the counter while one woman went back out to get a second duffle bag, somewhat smaller but she had to drag it. They only spoke French so, as you can imagine it took forrrrrrevvvvver to get their forms filled out and the body bags weighed.  Aaarugh.

Next I bought gas, picked up some feta cheese and unsweetened ice tea and three different kinds of ice cream sandwiches.  I don't particularly like them for much besides portion control. and that sometimes isn't effective since I know I have a package of 6 stuffed in the freezer.  I was going the wrong way on the street to drop off at Goodwill so that got shoved to today's errands.  

Some good friends took me out for dinner last night and we had a great steak and wonderful side dish of sauted cabbage that was memorable.  Next trip to Public has a red cabbage in it for me.  But for now I have a refrigerator full of food, a half sheet of lamb meatballs cooling on the counter and a freezer full of bao and pork belly.  Just in case.  I have a time ahead of much eating since I don't want to lose electricity in this IFFY climate while we all sit around waiting for a hurricane.    
Love Mr. Xstitch.

OK, you may not call it that, but here goes.
You must take a minute and visit Marina Dieul's website to see her amazing little animal paintings!
The rest of these don't compare in artistic quality but some surpass for hilarity.
love how the floor grain has been painted on

Peek-a-boo mouse

I've long loved dollhouse doors painted to match the baseboards so it looks like a doorway for critters' houses.   These are just painted on baseboards, no purchase involved!  It was sort of a little fantasy of mine to do one at some point.  And today I started looking and came up with pages and pages of Mouse-Houses.  Yup, I have 10" flat baseboards so it would be easy peasy, but I will need to do this before TY returns from the far north... And since I found so many, here are a few of them.  Some people have whole boards of them on Pinterest.  Who knew...

Decorated for the holidays,
High rise condo

A door AND a window with lighted interior

The subtle approach

Chewed edge opening AND lights!  The Bob Vila of critters!

An authentic chewed-in apartment version

Dirty mouse clothes, the simple version!  

So I am off to do another 'draft' of  the Autobiography!
Wish me luck, I need to get into the log rolls of quilts today.


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