Sunday, June 19, 2016

coypu disjunct ceres

“What makes the desert beautiful is that it hides, somewhere, a well.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)

A perfectly wonderful animal, stuffed, combed and costumed with glass eyes. 
Why, oh why I ask, then I come across something even more incomprehensible from an ad from 1stdibs today where they have a featured taxidermy sale going on.  Benches with hooves, beautiful parrots and a couple of zebras, and this 'essential'~


Common Ostrich Fine Taxidermy Object by 
Sinke & van Tongeren

$14,000               Shipping is complimentary to certain destinations.

I am trying to get out the door to go cut up more quilts but the sky is completely black now and the wind has escalated so I will wait for it to blow over so I don't get caught.  The doggies get scared and prefer to be in their soundproof room, it doesn't usually last more then 30 minutes before the sun reappears.  Wait.  Repeat.  Wait.  Repeat.  That's south FL in the summer, never a dull moment.  Today is Fathers Day and TY is headed for the RedSox game with his (our!)  son so he is well taken care of and I won't be getting any lonely phone calls for the duration of the game. Maybe we will be lucky and have one of those 11 inning sessions!  

   I don't know what it is but whenever I am alone I cook massive things-  yesterday I made a vat of pickled vegetables and they are really good BUT I've eaten all I want for awhile.  This is a batch made with 12 cups of liquid and giant quantities of vegetables-  carrots, fennel, Brussel sprouts, radishes, and peppers, even a turnip and baby zucchini.  You may want to reconsider visiting until I eat my way down a bit, other wise, bring your own TV dinners and move on in!  You can weather the storms in the soundproof room with us, TV on high to drown out any big thunder and a shaking dog or two on your lap.  I do kinda wish I had spent the time on making a cake instead...

Many years ago I got a call from Teddy who was at some show or other and had come across a silk cigar ribbon piece she thought I would love.  She sure had me pegged and I told her to buy it for me.  And a few days later it arrived in all it's glory.  It's all held together with black embroidery thread and the ribbons are disintegrating quickly from age, but I love it.  We hung it for awhile as a quilt but it was quite saggy as it hadn't been constructed on a backing to hold it in place so the other day I stretched it (gently!) and mounted it so maybe I'll get another few years from it.  I have had to take about 6" off all sides to fit the stretchers I had on hand, but thankfully that also hid a lot of the damage and sag.  Tanks Teddy, I still have it!
Love all the different yellows and brand names.  Wish I had a place for it...

OK, Procrastination over, sun is out and clouds are puffing away-  Scissors sharp, Carpal Tunnel at bay. Here we go.

All the various types of batting, leftovers and out-takes from over the years.  Cutting them all up into 24" squares to be used with the old quilt tops that were never layered.

Samples for a circles quilt that I unfortunately called BUTT-UGLY at the shop where I was teaching it-  they never asked me back.  Oh well.

Unfinished tops, leftover pieces that need batting, quilting, and trimming.

To date, almost 24"up the Sono tube, though it seems I have done enough work to be done by now!  Miles to go before I sleep...

So let's celebrate with some ART in this PART!

Aaron Draplin, designer, gives good advice:  

"One – don’t mess around with taxes. Pay the damn things and accept the fact that for every buck you make, you better have 35 cents ratholed away to pay later on. Ugh.

"Two – keep it fun. There will be more than enough turds who are in the business of making things 'un-fun'.

"And three – work hard, and love it. Be thankful we get to spend our lives being creative!"    

better words were never spoken

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