Tuesday, July 05, 2016

barium sinuous blackjack

I wanted to make sure the last chapters of my life were full, and painting, it turns out, has helped occupy not only space but opened my mind.  George W Bush

Can't help myself, Love that bad Taxidermy site

A nice morning at the studio before I pack and get the dogs ready for their internment at the 'pet resort'.  Hopefully they will have good time shitting all over the place and barking continually-  they have to in order to fit in with their pals.  Anyway, back to the studio for my last pass at a few pieces for awhile:

I made it to 36" after I added the second bed quilt-  I got 6 good pieces and 2 pieced squares and that took it to the next mark.  Bit by bit, at least I am well over half way now.

After I cut up the second twin bed quilt I hauled out a 'log' full of stuff I had rolled up a long time ago-  had no idea what it included since my labeling habits are substandard.  Then I got to walk backwards through my mind (as they say in kindergarten) revisiting all my thought processes.

Self Portrait With Sticks

Dickory Dock

Evacuation Route


The Buck Stops Here

Multiple Choices

Tide Pool Quilt

And biggest of them all, Interesting Things You Can Do With Beets

Needless to say I just may have a bit of a time cutting up two or three of these, Ill hold them back at first and in a frenzy some day trying to make a goal I will tackle them then.  These aren't all that old compared to the previous pieces, might take some detaching on my part.  As usual, stay tuned.  I won't be reporting on the adventures of my rotary cutter for a few days, so I sprayed all around for the ants that seem to be taking over and hope that when I come back Ill have to vacuum before I can get in the door.  Not my first bout with critters, not my worse.  But that's another discussion entirely.

And now I must go find somebody to help me change a password on my wifi network because my new iPad has erased all my information instead of syncing since my last sync was with an iPad I had five years ago-  that's five addresses and five different servers, five computers, two iPads and at least 3 or 4 phones ago.  And the last server TY set up and now doesn't know the password.  Hellllp!

And today has an ART PART

A one time use music box

A chair trap

artist Maskull Lasserre's masterful ability to carve anatomical details into everyday objects.

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Max said...

Say it's not so . . . not interesting things you can do with beets! I love that piece! If I had the cash I would buy that one in a nanosecond . . .