Wednesday, July 06, 2016

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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” 

A Squirrel Drawer Pull-  You may need a sack full.

Wellfolks, greeting from 93 degree Boston.  But it's  dry heat.  Shoot me now, it was only 93 in West Palm.  WHY am I here? Oh yeah, to get rid of more stuff!  WHERE DID I PUT THOSE MATCHES?  
I got off the plane with a raging headache and none of the usual remedies have worked so I m sitting here in a darkened room wearing sunglasses and dreading getting dresses to go to a fancy schmancy restaurant  tonight, absolutely my favorite thing to do under normal circumstances.  
Last night I dropped the doggies off at their RESORT SPA and ran to the studio for a bit of undisturbed time where I cut up four more quilts-  only ones I don't particularly have a strong connection to, and smaller ones where I would have to piece together small scraps to even get 2 squares, but I did.  And I have reached 38" now!  I can see that I might make it at this point.  'Make it' means get to the full 60".  This week I will beg and perhaps steal a couple of quilts I've given the kids that I know they don't care about so maybe, fingers crossed, I will head back home with more raw material!  Cross your fingers.

Oh Boy!  An ART PART, and a good one, even with a video!!

From the 'Hello Kitty' department-  what we have here is a pair of jeans that were 'aged' by residents of a zoo in Japan.  And well, really?  Where else would this happen?

Students at Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai City, Japan have resurrected Zoo Jeans, a 2014 line of denim dungarees that were pre-treated by the the sharp teeth and claws of lions, tigers and bears (oh my) at a local zoo. In order to get this type of wear, denim was wrapped around the animals’ favorite playthings and then retrieved once they were done playing. Only ten pairs of the jeans will be manufactured, featured at the Loft Store and sold through an online auction beginning August 1, 2016. The proceeds of the auction will benefit the Yagiyama Animal Park

But this is the original translation:  "Planned for details of the sale announced in late July, etc. the site. Proceeds of the product, donate to the animal’s environment preservation activities through Yagiyama animal park."
And e results?

From the Bears
From the Tigers

Ready to make a bid?  I thought we stopped doing this in the 1950's.  Remember when you buy new jeans, fill the bathtub and sit there as long as you could so they would shrink to fit?  Then you'd take them outside and drag them from your bike and leave them in the sun to fade.  If that wasn't enough, you'd pour in a bottle of Clorox and let them sit overnight.  Who knew all you had to do was get access to a lion.  But alas, I must move on and jump from the Memory Train.

Weirdly it seems that these dyes I am NOT working for free, but instead at a negative line.  Not only that but I am chewing up the 'stock' at an a;arming rate.  Oh well.  

See you tomorrow, maybe:

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