Wednesday, July 20, 2016

curie burglarproof advantage

“A true friend stabs you in the front.” – Oscar Wilde

That's good, teach your kids that Squirrels are sub-human.

WHAT I DID TODAY~  swept up all the caterpillar carcasses again.  After I almost finished yesterday the landscape guy with the blower came through and blasted my piles o' death all over the deck.  Little curled up shells with nothing in them, we are inundated with the damn things, in the house now too.  When you step on 'em, they CRUNCH.  And they are getting caught in the doggie fur so they cannot be contained!  I don't know what they are but they climb the walls at night and then drop off, curled into a tight ball when they die.  I don't think they live too long judging from my pile of them, but can't find them on any caterpillar charts.  Somebody said they come in the mulch, and don't seem to respond to any quick death schemes.  They are ugly, brown and wormy looking and apparently dry up quickly when exposed to sunshine.  Ugh Ugh UGH.

I went to my Stitch group today and we had four whole people, a bonanza for summer time.  It was nice to see some humans for a change.  After my junk-hunting friend and I stopped by the new St Vinny's thrift store and were quite amazed at it's wonderful displays and merchandising-  nothing looked old or shopworn, a tightly edited bunch o' stuff.  I bought a big thermometer to hang outside, and another big crocheted bedspread I plan on dyeing-  are you listening Laurie?  I only have a front loader machine so it might not be done for a long time.    But in the meantime white is fine.  I'll use it on the extra bed in the new condo. 

Speaking of new condo, IKEA shows up today with their measuring tape and we are on the list for a new kitchen from them.  TY has handled the whole thing-  all I did was take him to the store with threats of no meatballs if he didn't behave or short-circuit at the size and scope- and lo and behold he LOVED it. I raced him right through and didn't allow him to get too overwhelmed but he was in awe of their marketing.  Whew.  So we pointed to a kitchen we both liked enough to (not!) cook in, signed some papers and made the appointment for today to finalize.  And he DID IT!  Now all I have to do is find a painter and get new carpeting in the 2 bedrooms before I get planters warts.  I'll deal with a few more issues next time I'm up there. 

But today has an ART PART , do not despair!

Danielle Clough's embroidery on tennis rackets and chicken wire

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