Saturday, July 23, 2016

cation gamble memorable

“As far as painting is concerned there is only Degas and myself.” (Whistler)

Cute pillow but I'd move it before leaning-  he may scratch!

Saturday, all day.  Didn't get much done other than a vat of spaghetti sauce from my own feral tomatoes and a few jars of this and that.  Got the pita baked, but I didn't roll it thin enough so they came out more like English Muffins.  I'll give it another try in a day or two.  And I did a lot of knitting, will be done with the baby's blank in another foot or so. I stayed way from the studio but took my broken marble cupboard handle that gave itself to the stone floor in a collision that busted it into three pieces and a dozen or so tiny shards.  I fixed it once but it was bad, too much glue, so Xacto'ed it all off and started new with a piece of heavy Tyvek to hold it together from the back.  So I glued the pieces together and left them overnight but found that the joins were very visible and there was a big crater out of where the three pieces came together.  I added more glue and dumped on a handful of tiny shiny black beads to fill the holes and cracks-  it looks pretty cool.  If I could have found something viscous and silver to stick in the joints like Japanese pottery repairs, it would have been perfect.  Oh well. Im sure there will be a next time because I don't have any extra handles AND the company is no longer in business.

All that about a cupboard handle.  Shoot me now.

I did go to a Rock and Roll show last night with 'the girls', nothing to write home about when Dylan and Springsteen aren't mentioned, but one guy did interpretations of all skinny long haired screamers and they were so similar I couldn't tell who they were supposed to be even thought he also changed is jacket for each one.  They had one skinny black guy who of course got to be Michael and also Prince and a whole lot of Motown groups.  And a wonderful black woman who got charged with everybody from Whitney Houston to Aretha to Tina Turner.  It was fun, but lasted about an hour too long.  Because I am old and in the way.

And today has an ART PART

For his first ever public intervention in London, street artist Pejac created four installations of sneakers hanging from lampposts with a slight twist: the shoes dangle up instead of down. The head-scratching installations titled “Downside Up” can be found around East London and are a teaser ahead of a solo show that opens next month.

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