Thursday, August 11, 2016

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“The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself,” young E.E. Cummings

Squirrel Simplified!  Every stroke thought out and meaningful, the 'essence' of squirrel.

I spent a couple more hours on the latest book page for the August recipient-  hope she likes my interpretation of 'Habitat'.  When I get back to the studio (after my morning pizza slice!) I'll photograph it for you before I mail it off.  Only one more month to cover so I want to start right away since September will be mega-busy around here.  

hmmm.  Wish I had said that, coulda saved me a parcel of work.

As much as I don't like ordering fabric online, I broke down to get some sunbrella to make a little curtain for the open gate that leads to our pool.  The THING is, you can see in easily through the wrought iron and TY likes to (ahem) 'disregard the neighbors' at times.  Also the landscape guys and the pool guys enter the yard through this gate  SO a curtain panel is what we need.  I'm going to make a straight panel, white on the street side and leafy tropical on the pool side with grommets on the four corners to tie to the gate.  IN MY HEAD it works well.  Trouble is I can't find any good rope to tie it up with.  Might hit Home Depot later for some plastic rope, hopefully white, that ties well and stays tied!.

I am planing on writing all the quilt names I have ever done on fabric with the machine so that's today's project.  I was thinking I'd do it on the circles cut from the centers but then I need to (ugh) bind them all and binding 300 circles ain't how I like to have fun!  So today will be the test day to see what will work, be the easiest, and the fastest.  Report to follow. 


Yesterday, in a panic, I polled the SAQA group about copyright on my mugshot quilt. Fortunately I found that mugshots are indeed in the public domain if they were a Federal case, and usually also in cases where a state was involved and didn't call in the FBI (rare).  I got four or five immediate responses with citing from different copyright websites so I spent the afternoon wading through just to make sure-  this was prompted by a question from the curator of a show I am in coming up.  So I sent him the paid down version of my findings and also a reassurance that I will indemnify for any loss or damage as the result of copyright infringement.  Words from TY who still retains the legal gene I can fall back on occasionally!  Anyway, that fire was put out, thanks to my helpful contacts on SAQA.  

The day before was a request for a better image so I spent that afternoon relearning how to use the camera and tripod and getting good lighting on the opposite wall from where I usually do it.  Took forever, then even more time because I had to bring it home to do the photoshop touches-  old computer in studio takes BEYOND-forever to do anything at all.  Time to move on.

The ART PART today:

Test-tube nature: Artist Rosa de Jong continues to explore the spacious confines of glass test tubes by erecting impossibly small buildings, trees, and other inhabitable structures inside of them. For her series titled Micro Matter the Amsterdam-based artist uses traditional model-making materials and her own handcrafted structures that she suspends inside scientific instruments. 

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