Tuesday, August 09, 2016

screenplay screw screwball

“I bet dying vultures have lots of awkward moments with their friends. ” – Guy Endore-Kaiser

I was out the door by 9 and into the studio to play some catch-up.  I have a project to get out for the Book group-  have to send along my August offering to a gal in CA, then I only have one more piece to finish.  I've enjoyed making these pages to fit their themes, but probably wont sign on for the next 'tour'.  I worked until 12:30 when I got a call from TY who wanted to go to a rainy afternoon movie, so he picked me up and we went to the new fancy theater in town but the one we wanted to see was only showing in the 'traditional' end of the megaplex.  He decided we wouldn't go, so instead stopped for a pizza and he took me back to the studio.

I was bustling around all afternoon and had to leave at 4:30 to go to the party on the beach at the Square Grouper.  Unfortunately it had been pouring and sitting in a wet chair didn't appeal just to drink a beer, so we ended up not going.  A hurry-up-and-wait day.

I made a list of every quilt I have made except bed quilts and baby quilts since 1973 when I started.  The idea being that I will write all the titles on fabric with stitching to commemorate all the pieces that were sold, all the pieces given away or lost, and now all the pieces I've cut up.  Don't quite know how to handle this but eventually it will hit me.  I must ponder for a day or two and then hit it hard and relentlessly!  Time is of the essence.

Also had to get a new photograph and paperwork done for the photography show I am in in September at the Fuller Craft Museum back in MA.  It's been so long since I took any photos that I had to climb the damn leaning curve again but I think I finally got a clear, well lit, and large image.  And that is off to the Museum as I type.  Hope it's OK.

'The Lost', another of my Serial Killer pieces.  Those are mug shots printed on shredded linen all around the edges, and two victims in the woods in the center, sisters shot down and left there.  OK, it's a bit dark (!!), but I always love me a good murder mystery.

In Other News my new kitchen rug arrived today and I hate it-  it's just way*too*orange up against the turquoise stove but it was cheap and when it gets grungy I can toss it with abandon and buy a new better one.  And orange is the new black, after all.  

And on to the ART PART~

Utilizing felt, thread, and the french knot, artist Emma Mattson stitches moss-like configurations onto embroidery hoops, latching the materials onto the base like the flowerless plants which she mimics. In addition to simulating the look of the greenery, Mattson also likes to add a few pieces of fake moss on top of her works to walk the line between imitation and reality. You can see more of her moss-based embroideries on her Instagram, and find pieces for sale on her Easy.

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