Monday, September 26, 2016

cosmetic cosmic cosmology

“All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” 
–Federico Fellini

This bristly little squirrel was on the back shelf at TJMaxx so I gave him a home sitting in the dog's treat platter, then I went to the new Container Store and found this fabulous 3 section faux bois metal box, of course for three kinds of NUTS!  So my fall decorations are almost complete-  next I am spray painting a ratty looking set of Christmas wreathes black to hang on the gates-  then I will buy some classier wreathes when Christmas comes.  I have 10 gourds and a bunch of faux pumpkins I need to scatter here and there-  for Thanksgiving I will take down the black wreathes, promise.  

Today was Day 2 of the book class-  we learned a new binding and did a lot of painting of pages, then put in our narrative-  trouble is I don't HAVE a narrative!  I decided that taking time out of the middle of the day was certainly counterproductive so stayed until 1 or 1:30 and then packed up to go home.  When I used to teachI hard when people made their own rules but there wasn't anything else being taught at that point, we were all working independently.  I dropped off my THREE little books at the studio and unloaded all the stuff I brought, making it clear that I need to get things organized and cleaned out-  my next big deal time-suck, but both 4x8' tables are completely stacked with piles of things in progress, unedited, needing attentions, and just plain junk.  I have a pile of maybe 15 fabrics I am wanting to make into jackets and tops-  beautiful fabrics I want to do something with and not toss out or donate.  I think I will be concentrate on that next.  And I will take some pictures of the little books when I FIND MY NARRATIVE!  As if.  I am thinking maybe I will use one for some of the better art quotes I have on the top of the blogs going way back, then I only have two more books to contend with-  one will maybe be based on:

Sounds  like Yogi Berra to me...

Also on the book subject, I have one more page due in the Collaborative project, but it's got me stymied without my printer and scanner working!  (More on the to-do columns!)  I must get in touch with my final woman to get a bit of an extension so perhaps I can get it done this week.  TY is hitting the airport this morning so he will be around to share some of the house duties because frankly as much as I love being alone, dealing with day to day matters is overwhelming at times.  I think I am just fed up with a sick dog and cleanup, not really eating correctly, and the 6 AM wake-up calls all week to get things in order for appointments, class, and just making sure I walk out the door with a face washed.  I am looking forward to getting back on schedule.

And not staying up watching Netflix too late!  I did manage to finish off the cotton yarn tee shirt but I sure wish it was lighter weight.  I have been blocking it, got tired of that after two full days so threw it in the dryer on full cycle and it's STILL damp.  At least it didn't shrink, though it might have been OK.  Anyway, third try was a charm.  This one I didn't use a pattern, just kept measuring myself to see how long it had to be, how wide, where to start sleeve hole and where to bind off for neck.  I like the way it fits, loose and boxy, but that's really the function of this cotton yarn.  I want to make another one with lighter weight stuff I bought recently-  many more stitches on finer needles, but it's pretty stuff with a bit of metallic thread so will not be as boring as a plain knit on a plain yarn.  The new one has lots of rayon so it will be drapier.  But I won't start that for awhile.  


Here's our ART PART!
bet you thought I'd never get here

Plant care comes in many forms. For some of us it’s enough to keep a few potted plants hanging on for dear life on a windowsill, while others indulge in the joy of pushing lawnmower around every few weeks, or maybe even keeping a garden. But John Brooker of Norfolk had a horticultural vision unlike the rest of us. For the past 13 years he’s hacked and trimmed and molded the 150ft-long (45.7m) hedge outside his Frizzleton Farm property into a massive dragon complete with flowing tail and wings. 
basketball, what else?

One more announcement:  I noticed I have several hundred squirrels in my files so I probably won't be blog-retired for a long time.

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