Friday, September 02, 2016

fought ornamentation foul

“The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.” – Gilbert K. Chesterton

Soft and fuzzy, eh?

Today in the first email I opened:
Hi Valued Customer
We are searching for a person living in this are who goes by the name Valued Customer.
This person has been particularly selected to get a chance to WIN a £250 JUST EAT gift voucher - woohoo!
3 out of 5 persons on the list have already confirmed today 
Valued Customer - Not Confirmed
Betta James - Not Confirmed
Luke Anderson - 11 Min ago Confirmed
Anna White - 21 Min ago Confirmed
Sarah Brook - 41 Min ago Confirmed
We need the last persons to confirm now or else the seats in the final will be lost. Confirm here now if this is you!

Well, I admit I haven't clicked to win yet mainly because £250 doesn't mean diddly squat to Suzy Q's Diner down the street.  Really, do people do this?  When I get my mail from the mailbox I come back inside through the garage where I stop at the recycling bin and drop everything that isn't a bill right in directly.  That goes for the 5 pound Saks catalog AND the RH Teen AND the RH Baby catalogs (WHY ME???)  that outweighed the silly Saks catalog by 2X.  One more of these before recycling day I will need to call somebody to come help me lift it!

When we got the new condo in Boston a few months ago we didn't open up our mailbox, preferred to declare it a no-mail mailbox.  And still, after a week or two they found us and started stuffing it with  menus for Chinese takeout and ads for carpet cleaners.  

Next email from my credit card company:  
Congratulations! Your excellent credit history has earned you a credit limit increase to $20000.
Your new credit limit gives you more buying power — right now — for gas, groceries and the things you buy most.
$20,000 worth of gas and groceries!  Goody! I'm heading for Whole Foods.  This week is paid for-  or rather charged.

I've been binging on 'Dexter' these last few days and am up to the end of season two, but discovered last night that there are EIGHT seasons.  I cannot imagine how they will keep this rolling much longer. It sure has made me less than confident in the police's ability to investigate.  I am also knitting away with the linen yarn I have already knit two or three times before. This time I am just knitting a cylinder and when it reaches my arm pit I will make a hole for a sleeve-  maybe two of them if I remember or there isn't anything pressing on Dexter.  

As soon as I get back from the trip next week I need to get started on a real project, I think I am losing my mind.  

Good thing I have a fat file of ART PARTS!

 German artist Menja Stevenson has had her fair share of rides in city buses and trains, each of which has forced her (and you) to sit on top of garishly designed uniform seating. The fabric, as investigated by this article on the BBC, is not only made to outlast spills and stains, but also trends, as many of the painfully drab designs can last a decade or more.
Interested in this accident-resistant material, Stevenson began sourcing and creating outfits out of the fabric in 2006 for her project Bustour. The project forced her to persuade German transportation companies to personally ship her the fabric, as they are not commercially available. After finally obtaining the material she designed clothes that aesthetically camouflaged herself within each bus or train interior matching the fabric, capturing the reaction of fellow passengers.

And I'll say g'bye with another Piccassoism

                                                    aka 'Valued Customer'

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