Thursday, September 01, 2016

oriole fosterite ornament

“Women can also be creative in total isolation. I know excellent women artists who do original work without any response to speak of. Maybe they are used to lack of feedback. Maybe they are tougher.” 

Consider first the squirrel jewelry dish...  OK, now gander at the rings in it.  Hmm, wonder what the cross, the circle, and the lightening bolt symbolize-  maybe righteous fire and brimstone decent upon the earth?  That's how I was brought up-  and  those are the reasons I dropped out.  I now have other things to appreciate being here for-  the wonder of it all!  And it's all tattoo-worthy:
Actually these were presented as tattoos but on close inspection after enbiggening, they look more like painted planets, don't they?  Oh well, tattoos would work too.

No studio again today, instead I went off running errands and generally staying out of the house for a few hours-  felt good to not have fabric in my hands all day!  I just can't face the massive cleanup I have in store, but perhaps tomorrow after my doc appointment I will get over there and put stuff away, take a few more photos that I see to be missing for the next round of submissions, and perhaps throw away more stuff-  like the huge waste baskets full of cut off strips from all the older quilts!  I sure generated a garbage pile that rivals the tower!  Perhaps I should save it all for the THIRD part of the Autobiography-  just jam it all in a big plastic tube, cap it off and send it to a landfill.  I saw some pictures of somebody's newly folded and neat fabric shelves and I got a queasy and upset at what 
I've let mine become.  And now that I have taken down so may quilts there is space and breathing room for either putting up new stuff or hauling the collages out and using those.  I do miss the color, but I also like a bit of space here and there.  

I'll do a series of before and afters when I start in-  you might be shocked and amazed.  My PLAN, and there is one, is to liberate one of my huge wire storage shelves to bring back to the garage at home.  There is no reason to have FIVE shelves full of fabric taller than I am since I don't use that much any more.  So much can be donated to my new raccoon family who may have a use for it.  I threw out two Director's Chairs the other day and they were gone before I left for home-  since the garbage was still in the dumpster I must assume the raccoons took them.  Right?  Just checking to see if anybody reads this.

Made a pan load of blueberry muffins today, guess 
I'll go nominate two for my dinner.  

Kind of a weird ART PART today-  rugs!

Wisconsin-based artist and educator Carly Dellger started her Etsy shop SurfaceWerks in 2012, a store dedicated to her crochet rugs in the shape of avocados, cacti, and sunny-side up eggs. Each of Dellger’s rugs is an original design and created without a pattern to ensure that each piece is completely unique. You can pick from one of these handmade designs, or request a custom rug on SurfaceWerks’ site

Using scraps leftover thread from her family’s carpet factory in Buenos Aires, artist Alexandra Kehayoglou embarks on a laborious hand-tufting process to fabricate wool carpets and rugs that mimic natural textures like moss, water, trees, and pastures. The carpets balance form and function and can powerfully transform an entire room into a lush meadow dotted with pools of water and tufts of grass. Many of her works even function as part tapestry and flow from walls to floor, or work as covers for chairs or stools.
You can find more of Kehayoglou’s carpet creations on Instagram, Artsy, and on her website

Party on.

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