Tuesday, September 06, 2016

found ornery foundation

Today the squirrel du jour is appalled that I am doing a little bit about an icon from the 80's and how he came to be-  I Present to you the development of  Spunky as a mascot for the Urban Forestry Program~

Just plain frightening

Oh gheehs...  Thankfully Howdy didn't catch on.  Wish they would have kept the acorn hat idea.  I feel sorry for the squirrel race.  



Crocheted Jacaré  (that's CROCHETED ALLIGATOR to you) is the latest work from Brooklyn-based artist Olek, who traveled to Brasil in order to encase a massive playground shaped like an alligator in her trademark crochet covering. With the help of several colleagues Olek covered the reptilian playscape in North Carolinian acrylic yarn and Brazilian ribbons over a period of several weeks.

                                                                                                  STILL PROCRASTINATING

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