Monday, September 12, 2016

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“True strength is delicate.” (Louise Nevelson)

Here I am in the 'new' condo forced to sit on my bed for the day apparently-  woke up at 4:30 to a steady drip-drip-drip coming from the closet ceiling about three feet from my head.  Raced for the plastic garbage pail and tried to get back to sleep by listening to a grisly murder podcast.  I know, I know...dumb.  At 7 the demolition crew showed up and they are ripping out my kitchen with much banging and hammering and breaking of granite into small slabs so the an be carried out.  Refrigerator and stove are in their truck and electricity and water are turned off.  TY is out finding a Starbucks breakfast for me so I don't fall into some diabetic coma.  Gheesh

Waiting for AC guy to fix the leak.  Waiting for demo crew to get outta here.  Waiting for my breakfast sandwich, and marooned on my wall to wall bed until they need me for another question.  Room is 100" wide, bed is 81" wide-  I am not kidding about wall to wall bed.

Arrived Saturday and we headed up to see grandkids for lunch and Hazel's soccer game but it was starting to rain so instead headed back into town to see how the packing was going at my sos's house as they prepare to move into their house this week.  Didn't help much but got the 2 1/2 year old out and over to the park for a couple of hours.  I was amongst the walking dead by then, needed to come back to tiny condo to finish packing up the kitchen.

Am I having fun yet?  Nope.  I had thought I could make it to the MFA, hoped to get up to the Peabody Essex, need to check my old shopping haunts but it ain't happening this trip.  I took some pictures of that kitchen demolition but cannot figure out how to get them onto the iPad,q and then into Blogger-  I thought to myself, "how hard can that be?"  Ha.

After the demolition was finished, which took about 2 hours, I had to exit this mess so off Iwent to get my share of triple points at Bloomies,  I was dismayed as I was leaving todos over  along my trail,  retraced everywhere I stopped but couldn't find them and needed to get back. I was really pissed, my favorite, but cheap pair that are even better than my prscriptions.  Told ether were in our bathroom. my mind Swiss cheese.

Sorry.  I'm done complaining until tomorrow when it's shade insrallation day.  Stay tuned


In India, a new firm is thinking a bit more creatively by helping cab drivers completely transform the interior of their taxis with original art by local designers. Mumbai-based Taxi Fabric creates cloth interiors printed with vibrant designs that cover nearly every inch of a vehicle’s interior from the ceiling to the door panels and even the seats themselves.Taxi Fabric is an interesting hybrid of interior design, advertising, and promotion of local culture, with a number of benefits both to the cab driver and the artists. Drivers report that after applying the designs to their vehicles, passengers often tip more and remain in the cabs longer. Artists in turn have their work seen by a large new audience and are easily identified by a prominent label on the back of every seat. Ya gotta love the drills!

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