Friday, October 28, 2016

costume vivacious vivacity

“Genius is nothing but a great aptitude for patience.” 

Squirrels to the left of me, squirrels to the right, and here I am--stuck in the middle with you.

And, greetings and salutations from MA again.  Plane ride was fine until we hit the edges of CT and RI and then into MA-  I looked out the windows and saw...snow...  just my luck, I always bring a pile of bad weather with me.  Also a cab ride from the airport to the new place is $30 more than the last place.  Oh well.  No snow stuck on the ground here.  The condo was swept out and no leaks so I was happy.  Got all my clothes out of the bathtub and hung back in the closet-  we had carpeting put in while I was gone and everything was askew.  I raced over to the little market to get a few things for the refrigerator, and changed to go meet one set of kids for dinner but had to leave in enough time to get there so I could have a glass of wine and breathe deeply before they came.  It was pitch dark and pouring rain out by then, I was wet through and through and needed a bit of a decompress.  I love it when a plan comes together.  

Today is the second attempt at installing the kitchen counter-  they dropped the last one and it cracked through.  Well, they said they would come between 8 and 10 and whammy-  there they were at 8!  And they were out of here by 8:30.  Then I called a plumber to install the sink, hook up the disposal and dishwasher, and find a water line to the ice-maker.  He arrived special delivery (a favor!) by 10 or so and has been here now for 3+ hours huffing and puffing at Ikea under my sink.  No end in sight.    I am sitting here watching a murder marathon on three different channels until I kinda thought it through that perhaps I would do better if I changed the channel to HGTV with an angry and strange plumber under my sink....  Watched that for awhile but got REALLY frustrated at how easy peasy all their stuff goes on.  A seemingly disaster for the whole project is easily changed for an even better solution.  Why isn't that happening here?  

Frankly, I'd rather be in the studio folding fabric.

For breakfast today I had a piece of toast from the toaster in the living room, a cup of coffee from the coffeemaker plugged into the bathroom, and an orange from the actual kitchen.  I cut the bread and orange at the dining room table, and ate sitting back here next to the toaster.  And I washed up the dishes in the other bathroom sink.  I'm exhausted, would have been easier to hit the diner!  

                                                   This specimen (?) is the animal kingdom equivalent of my kitchen!

And yeah, that's how I REALLY feel.

So here's an ART PART to take away the sting of me wasting a day here with the murder marathon.

Norway-based artist Skurk  turns the light fixtures of this stairwell into a creepy anglerfish that lights up at night.  Cool idea, eh?  Wish the picture had a guy on the stairway too, but perhaps I should turn off the marathon and knit awhile.  The sounds of drilling metal are so soothing.

ANOTHER PABLOISM:  You heard it here folks.

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