Tuesday, November 01, 2016

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Do.  Or Not Do.  There is No Try.  Yoda


Yesterday I went to my 6 year old's soccer game, and now I know how to stay young forever.  The game itself was about an hour long with kids running willy illy around the field taking directions from a couple of dedicated daddy-coaches.  The object of me being there was totally into doing his own thing, wrestling with a friend, running the wrong way down the field, madly pumping arms and elbows and a slow motion trot-- because he thinks it takes him look faster.  In short, a hoot.  I took a bunch of Armenian mezza stuff up for lunch, and left when the kids were about to suit for a walk through the commercial Ipswich district to collect candy.  

And I drove off carrying the collapsible chairs the mothers all carry and didn't realize it until I was almost home.  I found out when I stopped to buy curtain rods and toss them into the car.  So, at some point in the next 2 days I have to drive almost 3 hours 

waaah, I want my sewing machine!

Oops, forgot to publish so this is a bit behind.  I've basically been in the car running errands most of the days, looking for stuff to finish projects and seeing the kids.  Some parts of this are fun but the awful amount of time I sit in traffic or can't get from there to here is just plain frustrating.  Everything I got the materials gathered for are missing one crucial piece before starting.  Case in point, I bought the stainless tiles for the backsplash but couldn't get the electrical switch plates.  I need a special saw blade, and need to have the lights under the counter finished before I continue.  I also need to spackle the damaged walls before I start.  

ART PART, here we go!
Make sure and watch the video for her methods.

Hawaii-based artist Jacqueline Rush Lee works primarily with repurposed books to construct conceptual sculptures by stacking, sewing, and adhering the pages in unusual forms. At times the books are assembled into ambiguous or haphazard shapes that look anything like a book, while in other pieces the pages become tightly organized into identifiable objects like the petals of a flower or the design of a bowl.

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