Friday, October 21, 2016

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“Myths are made for the imagination to breathe life into them,” Albert Camus

salsa and chips?   Squirrel bathtub?  nut bowl?  spittoon?  I dunno know either.

Sorry I have been among the missing but I've been put out on Special Assignment this week.  We had company here since Monday (or was it Tuesday?) and I haven't been able to get to the computer except for today after they left.  We had a good time-  they haven't been here since we first moved down and that was 20+ years ago.  It's been so long in fact that they didn't remember what it used to be like here-  well, basically it was a dairy farm with lots of open space and now it's all built up with fancy homes and trees as big as New England.  We went out to what has always been a favorite restaurant and it wasn't any longer.  Boo hoo.  I still have a box of uneaten sushi lying around, time to deep six it.  Basically they wanted to lie around the pool so that was good.

Nobody would ever believe this blog is about sewing, would they?

Today I was finally able to get to dealing with the show coming up at the NEQM this January.  I have been lax at getting my images in, basically because they are in awful condition, I haven't been keeping with removing dups or dumping fuzzy images and it is now so bad I can't handle the scope of the job.  Not to mention my record keeping since I let so many shows go, has been less that terrible.  But today I sat here and did not leave this chair from 9 AM when the guests left to 9 PM, a half hour ago.  Well, I am STILL sitting here so I guess I need to revise my woes.  Around about 6:30 I started sed=ding off the files they need and bounce bounce bounce-  they all stayed in my email and didn't go anywhere.  Finally I figured out that the files were too big, so I redid them all and sent again and I THINK they made it this time.  Geesh, what a waste of time.

I did have good news a few days ago-  my new best friend out in Utah decided to grab my 30's tablecloths so I also got those ready to send off and will do so tomorrow at UPS.  You all know I have a POLICY, don't you? Whenever I get some unexpected money I reinvest it in a piece of art for myself.  If it's a big piece of money I buy a big thing.  If it's a small sum I buy what it will cover minus any expenses.  And I found what to buy-  There is a gal in CA who makes series of ceramic beer cans that for all the world look dented and rusty.  Go look at LizCrain's work when you have a minute.  She makes up the names of the products and paints them up in old-timer colors. She sent me an email the other day that she is phasing out these faux tin cans and doesn't know what she might turn to, so I took that as a sign that I had to grab a few.  They are up on my window sill and I love love love their silly selves. 
 I may go back and grab another two as a Christmas present for the Boyz  i the family-  they need some rusty beer cans, don't they?

So, that and making meals has been about it for me this week.  I do, however have an ART PART.  You thought I'd forget?

Chilean textile artist Serena Garcia Dalla Venezia creates thoughtfully composed arrangements of hand-sewn fabric balls, producing texture and depth by grouping together dozens of differently sized and shaped spheres. Appearing almost like organic growths, her works seem to be transforming before your eyes, which makes sense when you consider her fascination with accumulation and chaos. You can see more of Venezia’s smaller works and large-scale installations on her website

If you are subscribed to HYPERALLERGIC, today there is a Very Interesting story about the CIA's hidden-in-plain-site secret art collection, with intrigue and a bit of skull-drudgery too.  Go read it-  link should take you there, but subscribe and I won't have to keep driving you over there!.

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