Monday, October 17, 2016

visual screwworm vita

“Two and two continue to make four, in spite of the whine of the amateur for three, or the cry of the critic for five.” (James Abbott McNeill Whistler)

So, is this little guy wearing a Fez?  Or a Pillbox?  Is he praying?  Or is he gonna shoot up something with his ray-gun?  I do like his stylized design-y tail.

Busy around here, sorry I skipped a day or two.  I do have the studio under control, I am categr=orizing stuff as it pops up and I'm putting it with 'like' items.  A couple of times it's been duplicates so out it goes.  I haven't made much progress with folding fabric back as it was when I moved in-  seems I prefer to stuff it into corners and let the little cuts find their own place.  But I did start on the whites and am throwing out small pieces because I doubt I will use them any more.  

I DID start a new project, pictures to follow when I know more where it's going. But it is sort of an offspring of the series, 'Tune In Turn On, DropCloth' which I really loved working on.  This time it will be a single piece, not something that has to be hung in a bunch or 4 or 5 or 3-  It was broken up this summer for two different shows and nobody died so I now have permissions from the muse to do one at a time.  Anyway, I am excited to be excited...  you know how that goes.

This week, as a matter of fact we are waiting right now, we have relatives coming for a few days so I won't have time for any studio stuff, but hopefully I can get to a few places that I've missed seeing for a couple of seasons.  Maybe the Norton Museum since it's all new and shiny and renovated, maybe the Morikami which is a wonderful contemplative space before it gets busy in season.  So those are possibilities, lets hope the guests think so too.

In cleaning out drawers the other day I came across 37 handkerchieves if anybody is interested, all sorts of stuff, colored and whites, embroidered, laced, printed, a little of everything.  My collecting had no filter, and maybe one of you are into handkerchieves , I'm really not.  As before, I'll send them if you send me the postage.  My husband cringes at my 'business deals'.  

Gotta run-  chicken is on the grill and TY is too busy watching a stopped movie to keep his eye on it.  Drat.

Oh yeah, ART PART--- this one will kill ya---


In this fun series of six embroideries, Slovakia-based artist Terézia Krnáčová brought needle to bread as a way to combine her need for food and textile artwork, a somewhat literal expression of things that sustain her. Titled Everyday Bread the work incorporates a slice of bread for each day of the week in a different design, with the 7th slice remaining plain in honor of the sabbath.

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