Sunday, November 13, 2016

silage silane ostracism

The only crit an artist needs is praise. (Joe Joseph P. Blodgett)

I started out with a burst of energy yesterday, couldn't wait to get the big circle quilt off the wall and slap a label on it (picture me doing the 'finished' bit with my hands!)  But, alas, I started messing with it yet again, adding another circle here and there, and a whole lot more work binding and facing a new crop of circles.  I gathered up the circles and headed for the machine when I realized the place was pretty hot-  headed for the thermostat which I had set at 74 so as not be a complete energy pig, and it read 79.  No wonder.  Then I saw the 'change batteries' light so-   here we go on a new learning curve- spent a half hour trying to fit new batteries in and jam thermostat back onto wall-  it still didn't work.  SO I called the AC company that has a truck parked down the lot from me but they only take emergency calls on weekends-  read $$$ and I can wait until Monday.  It was too hot to work any more so I started shutting down the place to leave.  
Hmmm, I had been watching Netflix but wasn't paying attention, just like the talk parts of documentaries.  Dammit-  the computer wouldn't work either.  So I called lovely Comcast who had a recording that 'MY' area was currently out of service and they are working on it, did I want a text message when it was completed"  Yup.  So I left and passed two HUGE FPL trucks coming at me.  Seems there was some sort of electrical issue but why were my lights and sewing machine still on?  Got home and didn't bother to go back.  Will stop by and check to see if the AC might have come back and the computer fixed.  HA-  I'm pretending to be an optimist.  I know in my heart I will spend Monday whining into the phones of all these things, then waiting there drinking coffee all day.  

So frustrating.  I shoulda gone to Bloomingdales.

A good symbol for uniting this angry country.  Ain't nobody happy-  how can this happen?  No, don't tell me-  I've been reading articles all day 'splaining' it to me.  Somehow they all degenerate into it being racial which I think is Bullshit and even more diversionary. 

TY returns from Cartagena todays, so instead of burying my head in the sands of Bloomingdales, I will do my shopping at Publix and gather a few dinner ingredients to stockpile.  Today, if I can't be at the studio, will be a good cooking day and I can get a headstart on Thanksgiving with some piecrusts to freeze.  After I stop by the studio, of course.

So, since I have talked too much already and it's not yet 8 AM, I'll get to the ART PART immediately:
Actually I was saving these for Halloween but I was busy NOT posting since I was up in Boston!  Instead of saving it for another year, here it is today.

Archaeologists in Turkey recently unearthed an exceptionally preserved mosaic inside the remains of a building from the 3rd century. One section of the three-panel artwork includes a reclining skeleton with an arm over its head, holding a glass of wine and resting an elbow on a loaf of bread. On both sides of its head reads the phrase “Be cheerful and live your life,”  Sounds good to me, especially the bread and wine part.

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