Sunday, January 15, 2017

interfere counterproposal interference

“Shock value only lasts so long.” (Robert Longo)

squirrel party coasters, perfect for your nutty friends

I know, I am negligent in keeping this up these past few weeks BUT I have screwed up and time has flown unrelentingly by and I don't know which end is UP these days!

But the Good Things that happened include the finished kitchen in the tiny condo-  all except the switch plates which arrived in Florida for me to stick in my next trip suitcase.  Still have to find a handyman to finish the molding around the open edges of the countertop, but I don't care enough to sit there looking for handymen.  Hopefully I will find somebody before I go back and if he also paints, he gets a bonus!  We will keep our eyes open the The Guy.

Anyway, I flew home to FL on Friday, unevernt=fully, since my kids were in the real of the plane coming for MLK weekend.  As soon as we arrived they started stripping down in the car to go swimming!  It really wasn't all that warm, but in they went like little salmon squealing and spashing around.  My daughter gave me a blow up pool float for my birthday that I haven't had the cojones to blow up but we did it finally:

Yeah, it's a giant 7' Palmetto bug, aka cockroach.  The kids are loving it, but it's still a bit off-putting for me-  I think it's the antennae.  I don't know.
Other grandkid prefers the giant 6' slice of watermelon, probably because her suit is the same color and I told her it's like she is camouflaged as a watermelon!

Today we visited the Loggerhead Sea Turtle rescue and sat through an entertaining and informative talk with Dr. Logger.  He had skulls from lots of different species and taught us about their teeth and flippers.  Walking out past a window like they used to have at the Dairy Queen, we looked into the actual hospital and watched a pretty small-  maybe 18"- turtle get his shell repaired and bandaged.  They apparently take these guys to the local hospital ion they need X-rays or CT scans.  They cover them with a sheet on their gurney so it doesn't freak the human patients...  Cool afternoon, and whole heading back to the parking lot we saw 4 different borrows of land tortoises, which they don't treat there but apparently stick them in the area where they stay.

Ode to Geometry

Then I made a giant birthday cake for the kids since I won't be in Boston for either party this and next month.  I've lost my frosting mojo but the chocolate cake was might fine.

*I*am*exhausted*, haven't left the kitchen in 3 days except for the turtle hospital.  It's 7:35 now and I would love to race out and rent a hotel room for a good night's sleep

  Life goes on in spite of the unbelievable choice some people made politically.  It won't be a day of excitement and possibility for me, instead a day or trepidation and fright.  But I voted and I tried, this all just sucks so I will find new murder mysteries on my podcast list and stick my head back in the sand for the next 4 years. And hope it's over soon,  Enough whining, lets hit it for the ARTY PARTY

In this fun illustration series, India-based artist Rohan Sharad Dahotre utilizes photographs of wild animals and applies a variety of fanciful costumes. 

Warning!  Professional Hazard!

Aiming to get back on the horse and POST!  


Janet W said...

Try Accused. A good murder podcast. And if you are in to mystery reading, I loved "Under the Harrow. "

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