Tuesday, January 10, 2017

cottonwood cottony cotty

“A man who limits his interests, limits his life.” ~Vincent Price

Racial harmony.  Why can't we all be squirrels?

Here I am in Boston still, yesterday it was SIX degrees and I had to actually go out early to get to the New England Quilt Museum to hang our crit group show.  Thought I would die with every breath, but I guess the Buffalo genes took over and I wadded my scarf over my nose so it wouldn't freeze and break off.

We took over the whole museum, and one of our members had taken it on as her project and had it all planned out and measured and designed so it went together pretty easily.  I pretty much stayed in my little room to reassemble the 'Autobiography' tower which took all morning.  Occasionally someone would poke their head in and help thread the 200+ cut up quilts on the tube, but basically it was my baby, all six boxes of it.  I will be so glad to have it gone for the next four months and hope it hits a few people on the need to clean out your studio, clean out your mind!  But since I have worked with these women forEVER (they say 30 years, I say closer to 40 for the core group), it was way fun to revisit all their work from the beginning on up to now.  They did have fun seeing my old stuff cut up and we had stories and memories while assembling.

please touch no matter what they say.

'Autobiography Addendum' (in progress)  I guess I never got to a final picture as I was in a hurry to get it in a tube to send on.  Oh well.

Carol and her husband David did a marvelous job on our book too, and now that it has the last piece, a picture of the 5 of us together, it is at the printer and we have an official ISBN number! She included sections for all of our individual work, biographies, and a  writeup on the history of the group.  She got an opening statement from Jenny Gilbert who was the director of the NEQM for the years we were all actively involved, making more quilty quilts before we mostly took off in different directions.  In fact I think that is one of the most interesting things about the show-  how different our trajectories have been!   And yup, the books are available-  call me and I'll tell you who has them. 

The show is up until the end of April, our artist's panel is April 22, and that is well out of the winter season so I hope, if you're in the area, that you stop by to see the the wonderful work.  I guarantee it won't be 6 degrees...

Some worthwhile taxidermy-  perhaps wonderful in a dentist office?
Or maybe he was caught stealing some cow's private stash area.

OK, enough.  Wanna see some ARHT?  (Hey, I'm
in Bahst'n an thats how we tawk!)

Several years ago, the Brooklyn sculptor Shari Mendelson turned to ancient glass and ceramic containers as a conceptual anchor for formal ideas, material explorations, and art-historical references. The artist had for some time been making three-dimensional constructions out of various plastics; her primary material is now high-density polyethylene, the plastic currently used for most beverage containers. Artifacts, a stunning exhibition of about two dozen elegant, gently humorous, and very smart riffs on the vessel tradition, opened last weekend at Todd Merrill Studio.

What I am working on back in the studio-  this coming Saturday.  This is the base, yup, another drop cloth.  You will be amazed and delighted when you see what I've done...maybe.  It's going to be a hurricane when it's finished, and I will show you the progress as we go.  If anybody is doing a hurricane show, call me:

Back to our regular schedule next week, hang in there with me?

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