Sunday, January 29, 2017

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There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither works. 
Will Rogers

A herd of squirrel babies!

What happens to time?  Cannot believe I have been silent a week now, you'd think my arms were in traction or something.  But no, it's my brain that is not functioning the way it should.  I've been in the studio most days, at least for a short time but there is always something else I have to be doing or handling or getting ready for.  This week TY had a guy here for golf so he needed attention and it also involved a bit more eating out than usual.  Unfortunately his last day was today and we woke up to 40 degree temps and rain. So he went home early and the golf was cancelled for the day. 

As soon as he headed home Ralph cranked up the hottub and in we went sitting there in the cold rain-  it was wonderful, enjoyed it more than any other time I was in, except for the time we saw the Great Horned Owls watching us at dusk.  Worth every penny!

First of the week's worth of happenin' things, the opening of our show at the the New England Quilt Museum was amazing.  They started out putting 30 chairs in the classroom for the little talk of 10 minutes from the three of us who were able to be there.  By the time it was Showtime, every employee and volunteer was toting chairs in until the room was full with only standing in the back left.  We had over 100 people there and it was a great success.  Here are Judy Becker, Carol Grotrian, and Sylvia Einstein at the beginning, before being overwhelmed with questions and congratulations:

I believe that's a SAQA show in the classroom background-  something about the spice trade, sorry I don't know the particulars since I've been so involved with our own.

 I SHOULD be at the studio but it's Sunday and I really don't like being in the industrial park all by myself since I heard the gunshots a couple of weeks ago.  I have never felt nervous about being there but like it better when the car guy is across the parking lot or I see the painter's lights on and pan flute wafting up over his studio.  This is new for me-  when I moved in I had a Christian rock band from some church practicing next door on Sundays.  They were pretty good, funny young kids decorated with safety pins and black hair dye who didn't throw beer bottles or joints around the parking lot-  only an occasional water bottle rolled around.  Anyway, that guy sold his business so there's no busy loud Sunday stuff going on any more.  Just quiet slow stuff. Applique.  Not much slower or quieter than that.  Sigh.
Some previews of details of the current thing:
on the wall-  first time-  have to work on this on my table and it hangs over the edges, so I hadn't seen it
Don't quite know what's going on, do ya?  All will be revealed, grasshoppers.  As soon as I know what the hell I'm doing myself!  Anyway, my fingers can only take so long working through the canvas so I take breaks and work on other more manageable sized stuff.  I am currently in a collaboration with 9 other artists where we make and exchange pieces every month with each other.  The first round was fun and was pretty much book oriented.  This second round is about whatever we want to do so I decided I was gonna make series using only old stuff I thought so friggin' precious when I got it that I never used it.  Talk about ridiculous!  Anyway, this is using Merimekko from the late 60's, early 70's.  I found an entire bolt of the stuff that I shared with my crit group and appeared in several of their pieces, mostly Sylvia's because she is really into bright colors.  The rest came from Crate and Barrel outlets that used to decorate the store with lengths-  I'd always buy the non-bright lengths and hoard them.  Now I must divest of these things I really no longer love. So I am making my pages to send around the country all of stuff I don't love.  These are the backgrounds and now I need to individualize each with something else I don't care about-  remember I have bins and bins of it!  In the photo above you can see my fabric situation-  these are only 2 out of the five shelf units which are also topped with plastic bins 3 deep.  

There are times I wish I were an arsonist.  But it isn't like I want to get rid of a body or evidence or something like that-  I want to get rid of STUFF.  Don't call the Jupiter fire department on me yet, first I need to try to use more up or dump it!  
SO unlike me... but wait.  It needs to be bejeweled...

ARTY PARTY TIME, heigh ho.

For more than 20 years photographer Daniel Ranalli has been actively collaborating with the ecology of Cape Cod, with one of his most collaborative projects being his Snail Drawing series. The works each contain two images, the first capturing the snails in a simplified pattern of Ranalli’s choosing on the beach, and the second showcasing the ways the snails have decided to move out of this neatly formed configuration. The second image allows the viewer to see the trace of the snail’s movement in the sand, the small bodies slowly scattering away from center.  Click on his link to a YouTube showing how it's done.
So cool, heh?

And with that, I will head off to the current knitting and relearn Kitchener stitch since it's been a long time since I used it-  want this project closed up and  finished once and for all.  It's the yarn's second chance so it damn well better show me some respect when I can finally try it on.

Prod me to work on the blog a bit too.  I get lazy.


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