Sunday, January 22, 2017

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If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him.  John F. Kennedy

Squirrel after removing his pink hat.

Me, after never having put on a pink hat.

What a day, what a day.  Loved seeing the streams of marchers from every city being broadcast from helicopters-  what a day for helicopter pilots!  OK, now please tell me what was accomplished by that exercise besides people making a whole lot of money off the folks who showed up?
food, meals and snacks
plane and  helicopter pilots
bad bad plastic bottled water
bus drivers
yarn stores, pattern makers, fast knitters
garbage pickup
new sneakers, gloves, pink travel bags
poster board, brushes, markers, paint
etc. etc. etc.

I just think from my currently lofty, and getting loftier, age bracket that perhaps, just perhaps, it was a day late and a dollar short.  Why wasn't this gigantic meet-up done before the election?  Why didn't both parties put up winning candidates?  Why didn't all those people vote instead of playing dress-up?  This SO reminds me of the carrying on that happens at the big quilt consortiums where the bunny hop appears, grown-ass women come in costumes and tiaras-  yeah, you heard me- TIARAS!  They play games, they win prizes, they sing camp songs, they bond. It's a perfect 6 year olds birthday except they don't play princess any longer` if their mothers are doing it right- they come in astronaut helmets.

OK, I didn't march anywhere, not even on the treadmill.  Fitbit-aphobe.  I did read a great article, posted it on Facebook and got TWO responses, not much of a call for pithy I guess, folks sending selfies of their faces crammed into pink hats to show they belong to the right tribe...
I cannot find my tribe, but I know for sure it doesn't involve signing internet petitions or calling dead land lines looking for a congressman.  And my tribe doesn't wear clothes referring to pussies of any kind.

Look here, they said I'd never use geometry after I got out of 10th grade!

Went to the Farmer's Market this morning early, got another Vanda Orchid, this time a giant showy yellow one.  There were 4 of us who went and we bought 5 of these gorgeous things,
  they are the ones that have hanging roots sometimes 5' long.  Anyway, the car was really small and we were all holding onto at least one of them along with our bags of produce and my own dozen eggs.  Somehow we got it all home. Tonight I get to eat ribs...  a perfect food for a football game.

I was too tired when I got home to go back to the studio so I did a few things around home with all the food I bought, and then had a brilliant (!) little plan for the new piece.  All in all I overbought and will somehow deal with the dozen little eggplants I got because they were so CUTE.  WTF?  I don't even like eggplant all that much but was thinking of imam byaldi I guess.  Will add that to my to-do list.

I may get the whole new piece up on the design wall soon so I can take a picture, but for now I need it to be flat for the handwork and easy moving of the elements.  I have no plan for entering it into anything, just a need to DO it and it feels so good to be thinking like this again.  If I finish it soon I may be able to slide it along to a show if it fits-  if not I have a wall...

So, it's ARTY PARTY time again, isn't it?

It would not surprise me to learn that Polish street photographer Maciej Dakowicz has run out of available pages in his passport. Currently based in Mumbai, the computer science PhD abandoned a career in technology to instead focus on his street photography, a decision that has lead him to far-flung communities around the globe seeking incredible once-in-a-lifetime encounters. Sorting through his staggering library of some 5,500 photos is to take a journey through vastly differening cultures, miraculous visual coincidences, and impropable moments in time both amusing and terrifying.

OK Bunnies, that's all I have.  Hope that tomorrow brings a good studio day!  

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