Saturday, February 11, 2017

counterattack intensify counterbalance

“I wish to hear the silence of the night, for the silence is 
something positive and to be heard.”   Henry David Thoreau

Dare I say, black squirrels matter too.  Reminds me that I need a pedicure.

It's progressing but slowly, hope it won't be one of those perpetually 'in progress' pieces!  Once I removed this from the wall to continue with still more handwork , I had a huge blank space~ so look what magically appeared for me to MACHINE sew, yeaaa!  

New piece in motion, working title:
So, the other day as I was leaving the studio after cleaning out my giant plastic tub of handprints and Spoonflower prints, I happened upon a 
yard, +/-, of fabric I had printed from my Tidepool quilts-  see one of the original 14" circles almost dead center on the bottom third here.  Then I happened upon another handprint of rust so stuck them on the wall thinking I may make a tee-shirt blouse. Then there was another original printed piece from lordknowswhere and so on and so on until I built the 
piece here on the top.  My 'rule' for this one is that it is all handmade prints from as many sources that work.  So far the only commercial print is from a cool linen dress I cut up- because of course I had never worn it and it was perfect.  Yesterday I spent the day refining, see the try-out rejects on both sides, and away I go.  headed now to the studio to sew until I have to wind bobbins-  I have used up most on the first piece  which I am calling HURRICANE GATES-  still MUCH to do on that as I have gotten to the blowing branches part that is daunting to sew down!  

Hmmm, they sure look like they came from the same paint pot, don't they?  Funny how you can recognize a favorite color palette, isn't it?  

In between a bit of enthusiasm for the studio again, I am waiting for a pathology report on dear Pepper, the odd dog.  I found a big lump on his left front paw arm and have been checking him every few days until I was sure it's growing.  I got him to the vet who aspirated it and found 'suspicious cells' so off the sample went to the pathologist.  Deja vu-  we went through this with a lump on his right front 'arm' a few years ago and it turned out to be OK after a very complicated operation to untangle and remove it- so fingers are crossed here the this one is OK and that $100 bills start sprouting on my palm trees. 
Please don't pray for him, but a positive thought put out to the universe couldn't hurt! He's a wonderful old guy who adores everybody.  
So that's one critter I want to keep, and in the Rat News it looks like I coaxed one to move out-  no evidence of the interloper since the pest guy visited. 

 One glue trap, still empty and it was baited with the apparent fave rat treat, a Slim-Jim.  Who knew?  Not like I have Slim-Jim around attracting them.  I'm not complaining yet, a neighbor had a rat and spent $5000 fumigating her whole house.  My sticky trap was a few bucks, results the same.  These tree rats are almost cute, just don't want them in my house.


Maciej Dakowicz, street photographs from India.  'Most people say that street photography features people photographed public places in candid, un-posed situations. In my opinion this definition is too broad as it includes portraiture, travel or editorial photography, which might have nothing to do with the genre. Thus, the definition can be refined to define proper street photography by adding just one word – “a twist”. A little twist – something clever, funny, unexpected, surprising or ambiguous. Something making you scratch your head, putting a smile on your face or simply making you say “nice…” So you can also say, that street photography is changing ordinary things into extraordinary through the act of photographing them. And a street photo does not have to be taken literally in the street – it can be shot indoors, on the beach or in the forest, at any place where photographers can take candid, unposed pictures. But what matters is that little “twist” elevating the photo to a different level. Unfortunately, these twists do not come often. So I don’t call myself a street photographer. I am just a photographer who sometimes manages to take a street photograph.'

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Janet W said...

That new improv piece is coming together nicely. Love the palette.