Friday, February 17, 2017

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“Give me one friend, just one, who meets the needs of all my varying moods.” – Esther M. Clark

Thanks to one o my squirrel hunters (thanks Bev!), I am now a proud displayer of MRS. PEARL the SQUIRREL, a huge (yuge?) statue near Austin put up by (of course) a pecan candy company.
Outside of Austin, Texas, off of an uneventful stretch of Highway 71, sits a U-turn worthy site for the squirrel worshiper in us all.  From Atlas Obscura, my kind of folks!  A little further looking and I found more pictures:

Looks just like I thought Texas should.

I've had a sick guy here all week, just a cold but enough to send me scurrying for the studio to get out of sneeze range.  If I stick around I 'interrupt' naps and get sticky as a short order cook, dog walker, mail retriever, phone answerer and all that stuff.  So I took advantage and actually now I have his cold anyway.  I never get colds so I am really feeling sorry for myself.  Still mobile though, not gonna sit and watch Netflix all week.

So, in all that time hanging out in my cement bunker, I haven't had to turn on the AC at all, even with the sun beating down, so I've really enjoyed listening to all my podcasts without having to turn it up to mask the whirring.  I've done a bunch more work on the new piece, mostly cutting shapes to fill in holes, getting things flat and straight, and making some sad decisions to back it up and return to simpler.  Always a problem for me.
I received my fabric order from Marcy Tilton and love all I got, but it is supposed to be for some summer tops.  Instead I've been borrowing a chunk here, a sliver there and using it on the wall pieces.  Whatever works is fair game, right?  I also did a little eBay shopping and bought a blouse by my favorite designer that has recently gone out of business.  The blouse wasn't as advertised, and whoever sold it had made some modifications that I had to undo-  she had added some tucks and darts.  Anyway, I pretty much hated it with the opened seams showing-  the fabric didn't cooperate and her machine broke a lot of threads so all my undoing showed.  Instead I used it to make a pattern, change it MY way, and used some of the cool linen printed with scribbled trees.  Now I only have scraps of that left- had to use the fabric right side up with the darn tree pattern.  

This week was the Play for Pink fundraiser for breast cancer and I took part for the first time since it was also my BFF's birthday.  She died in 2000 after a ten year fight and I still think of her every day.  She raised two wonderful sons by herself and was an amazing woman.  So, between that and Planned Parenthood my charities are taken care of for this year.  Here's my new celebratory shirt:

Time for a little geometric interlude...

Today is the Palm Beach Fine Crafts Fair and I am just waiting for it to open before I head out to the convention center.  This year I am going alone so I can see what I want to see and talk to the artists without annoying my entourage, or stand tapping my foot waiting for somebody else to try on and buy something.  
These chairs had me drooling on the floor-  made by a guy in GA and he told me he would drop them off at my house on his way back home if I bought them.  I would have if I had a fatter wallet-  but they were out of my range.  Believe it or not they were extremely comfortable and I loved the rust patina. Hope he's back so I can sit in them again!

I am very quick moving through the shows, only stop at things that catch my fancy-  and believe me, there are plenty of them!  I'm looking forward to it and have my free pass ready to pull!  I should get back in time to put in an hour or two at the studio before going home to the housewifery duties.

And tomorrow is another outdoor show, a big one, Artigras, so I hope to hit that one too.  I used to volunteer for them, booth sitting, fetching things, milling about but the last time I did it the temperature was so high I thought I was going to expire.  Now I go and leave at will but I sure hate to miss it-  there's always something good!  Actually both shows are all weekend so I do have time to get to both-  I might even scare up a friend for the second show.  

So, quick as a bunny on fire, here's the ARTY PARTY for the day!

We continue to be enthralled by the work of Chloe Giordano (previously here and here) who produces everything from tiny coin-sized depictions of woodland creatures to entire book covers typography and all. The Oxford-based illustrator is entirely self-taught, learning her craft “through a lot of trying things out and messing them up.” Each piece is deeply connected to her pencil drawings, as she works out many of the details on paper before turning to thread. Giordano frequently fields questions on her Tumblr and you can follow more of her progress on Instagram.

And with that, it's time to leave.  Hope you all have a great Presidents weekend-  just think of your favorite PAST president to get through it.  Maybe one who wasn't mentally ill.

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Christine Nielsen said...

I need those chairs! Perfect for the new house.