Wednesday, March 01, 2017

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I'm not saying let's go out and kill all the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem work itself out.
(Someone, Not Me)

Squirrels making a collage!  Jane Kim artwork.

OMG, I caught the 100-Day-Cough!  Well, I've had it for 4 days but it doesn't seem to be leaving anybody who has it, and everybody seems to!  Self medicating with anything I can find at Walgreens that says SEVERE on it.  I was much better yesterday and spent the whole day at the studio catching up on a few things and daring to be brave and set the Hurricane Gates quilt under the sewing needle and whirred away,  Yeah, ALL friggin day I worked on it and got one measly quadrant sewn down.  I am not happy with the perfect dead leaves I made from 2 layers of French silks because I didn't fuse them askew to keep from fraying.  But it didn't bother me all that much because leaves are Ok to have  shreds edges, especially if they are dead and being blown about.  Right?  Well that's my story and it's staying with us.  Sometimes you just have to accept what happens to move on.

Then I also spent some time with What I Shoulda Said since I was at the machine and didn't have to change the thread color.  It's main problem now is just trying to keep it flat instead of ripply as I add stuff on top of stuff to it.  This is the one made of all parts of other work  and mostly hand dyed and printed fabrics from all over the place.  Nice patterns, beautiful colors here and there, and even a wee Adam and Eve standing on to teensy Tide Pool.  I did also cut one border for the top so that's ready to go when I get all the panels sewn together, then trimmed so it's almost 90 degrees on the corners.  I can't do that without a clear table thought and have too much other stuff going to lay it out just yet.  I simply MUST get to clean up and put away before I can do much else.

A Life Philosophy.  And besides, it's been my opinion that when crap hits the fan it's better to use it for something that to try to clean it up and redo it all.  Although there usually isn't much one can do creatively with crap (except the guy who 'paints' with elephant dung) but COVER IT UP.  

I'm slowly walking around now after being actually IN BED for a couple of days, but I did manage to go through a few seasons of The Great British Bake Off.  I have another one to go and have been mostly dozing through the episodes so when I see it again I won't recognize it at all and enjoy it anew.  One of the nicer things about getting old is not having to remember tv shows or books or remember names of friends-  when you can't introduce them to each other even they now understand.  But watching the show put the baking itch back in my psychology-  and I 'proofed' it by 'rising' and making a batch of Pita bread.  I frankly didn't like the recipe I used and now need to track down others to find the perfect one-  this one was just way too Wonder-Breadish.  But then again I might be used to pita from a great bakery that's been frozen so it makes the smugglers trip to Florida.  Anyway, it needs a revision.

I've been whining for a tempurpedic bed that zips up to a sitting position or raises my knees or folds me in half or changes the temperature.  We need a new mattress and it seemed time to start complaining since I have to plant the seed of the New Mattress in his head, ugh and oof a few months trying to get comfortable, and draw attention to the deepening wallows.  But the time I really need this, he will think maybe I'm right.  Well today he went to the Back Store and bought sets of 4 gigantic wedges for each side that can combine in odd and circus-y ways to prop up any part or combination of parts at a moment's notice. The bed now looks like somebody has parked a Volkswagen on it and has made all my cute throw pillows useless.  Tonight will be the maiden voyage, not sure this will work out, as I would most assuredly rather press a button and whir up to the position I choose rather than wedge myself in and not be able to unwed without ropes and pullys.  Report to follow.

Like I promised, the Report!  First of all my bed looks like it
s hiding a herd of mongooses, big lumps everywhere!  I couldn't use the neck piece at all, too hard and all it did was push my chin into my chest-  dumped it. The knee pillow was good for awhile but then it was in the way because I needed to stretch out a bit.  Next I threw out the giant circle slice because there comes a time when you don't WANT to be sitting up straight waiting for somebody to bring in your dinner... ain't gonna happen-  so I threw that to the floor too.  The small triangle worked fine and kept the monsters from crawling up the open space behind the mattress (shades of my childhood, don't ask!)
Imagine my surprise when I tried to step out of bed and hit the pile of squishy foam instead of the floor!  I don't know if I'll get used to this or not.  But it IS great for watching tv.  Of course I didn't actually do that because we lost the remote in all the damn installation process! Verdict is still out.

Things are getting very scheduled around here of late as folks realize there are only 2 months before they head out.  Actually had my first conversation on when a friend is leaving and it made me sad.  Frankly I have had enough of all the invitations and plans and inability to just go anywhere we want for dinner once in awhile.  We tried to have a dinner party for 8 friends but gave up after trying 4 different dates to round them up.  Maybe will try again next month, but maybe this 100 day cough will still scare them off.  In preparation for the coming 
quiet ahead I just might get a tattoo for entry into the tiki huts...


So here I am having my ARTY PARTY all by myself!  

Meet Daniel Ranalli and his snail drawings!  The series is based on the drawings made by snails on the wet sand in the inter-tidal zone. They are part of an ongoing series of works involving collaboration between the snails and the artist. It was choreographed by the snails’ starting positions, and then photograph the marks they make over time.

He tends to think of the snail pieces as a metaphor for the order we establish in our lives, and how the element of chance enters in to shape the result -regardless of how much we attempt to structure it. The works are usually in time sequences of two images made over a period of twenty to thirty minutes.

Love this-  finally found a use for all the snails we get in wet seasons!  If you catch any, save them for me.   Or follow them...

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