Friday, March 24, 2017

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Albert Camus Explains Why Happiness Is Like Committing a Crime—
”You Should Never Admit to it” (1959)

Hi, remember me?  Probably not, it's been so long.  I'm sorry, life has gotten in the way and I will describe briefly though if you do remember me, there really isn't 'briefly' in my life circle!  Basically it's now been 11 days since I was in the studio long enough to bother to turn the lights on-  mostly just leaving new piles or shuffling old piles looking for something.  

I've been in the ER twice, once for 7 hours and a CT scan of an ailing stomach followed by primary doc visits and a return of my old standby GI guy who deserted his post for a few years but has returned.  OK, I got a pile of prescriptions and rules and was told I should feel better soon, and I did-  as soon as the round of appointments quit.  I am diagnosing gas.  They all stared at me blankly.

Then last weekend it seems the blasted tree rat has returned after  3 week absence to tear apart my stove.  And I found evidence he has been visiting other parts of the kitchen too as there was a tiny tomato half eaten under the stove.  The Rat Guy has been here repeatedly trying to trap him but he is a wiley sort, yells BEEP BEEP and dives into a secret access hole.  Yesterday we had a Big Guy here to pull out the stove and we found that Ratty has eaten through the dry wall to get in, and left a cartoon hole just big enough to squeeze through.  Rat Guy left a giant bait trap smack in front of the dishwasher that is screwed shut to keep the dog noses out.  Ordinarily this would make me nuts but the dishwasher hasn't worked for 2 weeks now because the mother board hurt itself and took another board with it. Dishwasher Guy was supposed to return this morning but was a no-show.  Just called and they are scheduling TUESDAY now.

The weird part is that before we moved in here a year+ ago, I was designing a little mouse hole and mouse to paint on an unobtrusive joke for those who are detail prone.  The idea was vetoed by TY and I never got around to doing it anyway.

AND we had a guest here since a week ago Wednesday playing golf with TY in a tournament.  He left on Sunday morning and on Sunday afternoon I had another couple here for a few days, they left Tuesday and at that point I made a project of getting this shit all done, starting with 4 loads of laundry that had been neglected until the underwear ran out.  

Then I head that Lucky Peach is discontinuing, I am so sad-  looked forward to it since it's first issue.  

On Tuesday night I again found myself at the ER but this time only for an X-ray of the hand that Molly ate.  She was testy from being yelled at for days, and thought it was Pepper coming up behind her to grab her collar.  No, it was me and she got in a few nasty bites leaving me with an orange and blue hand with puncture wounds all over it.  Unfortunately I didn't have the good sense to let go until I could slam her on her back in shame.  Left her there on her back where she became contrite and ashamed.  And I was bandaged up and REPORTED TO THE COUNTY for harboring a dangerous dog who is now under 2 weeks quarantine.  

So, yesterday I made a point to get myself to the bocce game since I was overwhelmed last week.  I wore a purple plastic glove over my hand to keep out the dust and dirt and the game went fine until it didn't.  We had a major thunderstorm move through that left us scrambling to get out and we had to forfeit a half game.  I got home and waited for a break, went out to walk the dogs and barely made it to the road before thy skies opened up.  Since I had already changed to dry clothes twice that day, the doggies and I raced back inside but as I hit the slippery garage floor my legs flew out from under me and I ended up flat on my face.  First I check the teeth, that's OK, then I see if my legs will move-  Check. Look around, no blood, Check.  Still have the leashes on my wrist  and my leg is missing a layer of skin from under my pants.  How dos it do that???  Sat with the ice cube tray on my knee and ankle and went to bed at 8:30 so as not to further damage the world.

Today is my 44th Anniversary.  To celebrate I made a big pot of chili and the smell is driving me wild.  I made it for tomorrow because we are going out to 'celebrate' tonight-  me with my bandages and limp and purple glove.  (Well, I won't wear the purple glove to dinner, it just made for an interesting visual.)

I know, you are long gone with much more important things on your plan so I will get on with the Arty Party. Maybe I can get this finished today 
after all.

 Adelaide-based InherentlyRandom merges skulls and bones with bursts of embroidered flowers embedded inside rib cages and eye sockets. The embroideries were inspired in part by artist Trisha Thompson Adams who has created paintings with similar designs and motifs.

And I finally got my piece, 'The Lost' back from the Fuller.  He sent back my card and the fact that it hung right next to the fire alarm so it musta been smoking' hot.  


Thanks for hanging in here if you did-  I gotta get back on the bandwagon and give these last posts more to hang onto!  I'm at 2495 today.  Only a few until the next level.  

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Anonymous said...

Get well soon.
I thought the start of your story was bad,
half way through I thought this can't get any worse,
then the slip and fall made me think yes it can get worse.
Cheers Jan