Saturday, March 25, 2017

councilman councilmen councilwoman

 I didn't make it to the gym today. That makes 1,500 days in a row.

Found this guy on a trip through TJ's and guess what!  I didn't buy it 
even though it ws marked down to $3.  I'M SO PROUD OF MYSELF.

I went through my tales of woe yesterday and today is a new day, right?  Get right up, dust myself off, and start all over again!  Check.

I THINK I heard the trap go off for the Tree Rat last night but the lid is screwed on and I am not about to open it.  Will wait for Rat Guy to show up to do the dirty work.  

Had argument again with appliance company about my appointment and it's been changed to Tuesday.

Bought a carpet spot cleaning machine for 'pet stains' and spent some time on a few and it looks like my answer to the current aging-in-place that Molly is enjoying.  Not ready to lead her to that rainbow bridge-  we have too much history together.  Her 13th birthday is in three weeks.

AND last blogger-blast, I am on blog #2496-  four more to go to hit a landmark, if you all haven't given up on me yet.  Or remember a few months back when I thought I had hit it but had 250 more to go-  never a math genius here, sigh.

Beige Man, White Woman.  No wonder the TSA stops us.
Circa 1973
Yesterday was my our 44th anniversary and we had bought a piece of art the week before that was delivered in the afternoon.  It necessitated moving things around a bit and rehanging, retiring other pieces, and lots of decisions.  This new piece is a diamond dust covered picture taken from the Magnificent Seven movie, about 1958 I think.  When we saw it I immediately was attracted-  you know me by now and a little bling- or A LOT of bling grabs on quick.  Anyway, it's hanging happily right at my front door.  Love to buy art!  I am officially out of walls now, and next step is filling in blank spaces, but TY thinks we have it just right.  I have a year to show him there's always room for just one more...

This is the plan for the day, looks like the 'cold' spell has broken and it's back where it should be with the AC cranking.  Maybe the hot weather will keep Mr. Dumpf away a few weekends-  such a bother to have the town shut down for him every weekend.  Now to get the sewing machine cranking!  BTW, I guess I am not getting the $12,000 quilting machine-  Unbelievably, no one has contributed, and I don't think my car is even worth that much.

today we are investigating embroidered paint splats!

While working in the studio, paint is bound to drip, splatter, and brush up against an artist’s clothes, transforming a studio uniform into a chaotic collection of attractive mishaps. Designer Olya Glagoleva in collaboration with Russian artist Lisa Smirnova (previously) captured this look with an elegantly designed twist. All of the clothing included in their collection is embroidered in the style of Smirnova, with the markings of accidental paint drips and doodles adorning each of the jumpsuits, dresses, and smock-like blouses. The pieces are all one-of-a-kind, transforming the clothing into unique artworks that have taken nearly 100 hours to make. You can see more of Glagoleva’s designs with her line GO on her Instagram @go_with_olya 

And my next job is to show up!

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