Sunday, April 02, 2017

volleyball intention counterfeit

 “the patron saint of mediocrity.”
Antonio Salieri (1750-1825) 

This little guy got caught trying to escape a dumpster, probably ate too much in there because he got stuck.  The ASPCA was called and somebody buttered the poor guy thinking he would slide out, but he didn't.  Eventually he was freed and cleaned up after a wellness check and we hope he learned a slippery lesson on greed. 

Never eat more than your body weight, 
or the hole you must escape through.

Hmm, I am thinking, as I proof read this, that it just may be the start of the next post.
Hmmm, again...

Got a notice from Bloomingdales today about their sale and it so happens I need a few things for a trip out west we've been thinking about this summer.  This would involve a few days in Santa Fe, a few days in Colorado Springs staying at a fancy resort for a get together with our FL friends, and a few days east of Denver visiting my elderly (favorite) aunt plus a cart load of driving.  So I thought I'd start with shoes.  Something perhaps between Birks and heels, a comfortable sandal for walking around in town, a closed shoe in case any horses come near that must be ridden, and some sneakers for the long car rides.  So, the offerings from Bloomies:  (BTW, they did have a few appropriate choices I have saved to check later, none of the following need apply)

OK, WHAT are these?  Are they all folded up to look like small tanks ready for battle?  Geesh Interesting they are available in black or white so they could be For Season shoes-  high enough to avoid snow piles or to wear in the sand


Umm, nothing with ropes to cut into my feet in a zig zag pattern.  Plus I need to be able to slip in and out without playing Twister to get them on right.  Nothing with ankle straps, from experience they have no perfect tightness and are always slipping down to do a python grip on the ankles.

Like walking might be possible in these?  There are reasons they are called F___me shoes-  that's the only position you can wear them in.  Also, I wouldn't buy these on principle since they are Kardshian shoes, plus there's that ankle strap thing again.  To be fair I am not looking for heels of any kind.

The second pair of winged food construction are over $2000.  Looks great with my ermine robes.

These two are from the WTF columns-  First ones, flowers of leather making you lick like a Wookie who just went on a walk in the woods, second are bunny fur which means you might have encountered a rabbit by mistake in those woods.  But look ma, no ankle straps-  YEAAA.

I spoke too soon, at least there's no fur-  the flat version of the ones above.

Here we are at themed shoes-  picture me trooping through a desert trail in these beauties, choice of cactus (which I do think are way cute but have no use for, or snakes, which I also love but have no use for, especially because it looks like a King Snake to me-  but I always get that wrong.  BUT, neither has the bloody ankle wraps.

And if I was going to the res, I wonder how these would look as I join in to the dance.  I really don't like Indian themed shoes with arrows and beading and fringe-  it's not an idea that translates well off a moccasin.  Besides, they are again heels you can't walk in.

And that brings us to these oddities next:

Hmmm, a little overdone on the platform?  Yup.  Ankle twisters, make sure you bring crutches wherever you go.  #1 is butt ugly, #2 could be cute if the platform was 1/3 as high.

Better suited for a bit of walking, but holy crap, more ankle straps and ropes!  And the blue and white numbers are a BIT over designed.  Neither will see New Mexico or Colorado on my feets!  And it's back to Toms for this travel-gal.  Wear them anywhere, cheap, comfortable and non-descript.  Maybe stick and old pair of earrings on them for fancy days.

Confession, I haven't been to the studio for a few days, bet you can tell!  the dishwasher guy arrived with the new electronics panels but he couldn't get them to stop shorting out so he checked the cord and sure enough, my almost-pet Rat* had chewed through the cord.  He had another cord so I now have my dishwasher back and Ratty* seems to have exited-  haven't seen hide nor hair for days.  I called the hole-filler and he arrived with a can or foam that is guaranteed to keep the house vermin* free, so he filled all the holes behind the stove he could find.  Hopefully that works.  OK, so I feel guilty taking away his home but not enough to let him live here rent free any longer.  Meanwhile I am on a quest to wash/ scrub every pan I have.  I've already finished work on the stove and have pulled out every rack and drip pan and burner.  See how clean? I celebrated by buying a new rug and making cookies too.
Rug was instand perfection, then when it arrived I realized it's the same rug as my DIL has but different colors.  Hope she is OK with my indiscretions.  Ive looked for almost 2 years for a rug that isn't white to stick in this spot.  And I am throwing out the TOO UGLY for prime time orange hideous thing. Now, to stop slopping stuff onto it.

I have no more, next post is #2500 and I will try to come up with something a bit more special for that.  Stay tuned.  Maybe I'll dust off my art lessons and find something that may be of value to you all.  

Here's the ARTY PARTY for today, I'm almost out of these, guess I need to go internet mining again!

Artist Hendrickje Schimmel is better known under his moniker Tenant of Culture. Originally from the Netherlands, Hendrickje now lives and works in London. Working with wearable garments, from shoes and t-shirts to footballs, Tenant of Culture builds multi-layered textile installations which take an unconventional look at culture. Among the most striking of Hendrickje’s artworks are_Sportswear Paintings_ , a series of misleadingly-named 2D canvases which made up Tenant of Culture’s RCA graduate show. “I used different kinds of materials to encapsulate and fixate garments that are typically used in sports,” Tenant of Culture explains of his process. “The jerseys were cut open and pressed in between a layer of cotton and transparent silk organza with a heath press. The result looks like a modernist painting because of the graphics often used in sportswear. The abstract and colourful shapes that imply movement and action. The ‘paintings’ look cheerful and optimistic but they also intend to address the problematic side of the politics of the institutional archive.”

And there ya go, the 2499th post!

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