Wednesday, March 29, 2017

counteract counterargument intense

yup, my bunnies, this is Post # 2498.  who woulda thought?

“After you’ve painted a couple of thousand paintings, then you can begin.” (Carl Rungius)

Well, I screwed up the quilting because I was in such a damn hurry.  And OK, mad that nobody contributed a few thousand dollars to get me a real fancy long arm...  I was trying to do regular machine stitching on a gigantic piece, 70" across.  Ad I was too lazy to try to actually baste so it was pretty much just securely pinned.  Can't believe after 40 years I would even attempt this.  Now I have a job ahead of taking out the stitching-  swirly stuff that extends the whole width.  BUT I did measure it finally and it came out to 60" x 70" and it just so happens that is the outside measurement accepted into a local show...
BUT the quilt can't be more than 60" wide-  the 70" measurement is the length so I can't enter it anyway.  Brain Zap, I can slice it down the middle and make it two quilts.  ZAP that zap-  the whole point is a hurricane blowing around flotsam and jetsam, and wouldn'tlook right as a dyptich.  SO, back to doing it right and taking out 17,000 stitches (my exagerated estimate), re-basting with actual thread and needle and pliars and being proud of my work instead of embarrassed by it.  Maybe if I do it there right way some of you generous people will send me your old long arm machines you aren't using any more.  One can hope.  Sigh.
(I AM joking, but seriously if you are looking to get rid of one and you love it, contact me and we'll make a deal.  Just can't bring myself to spend more than my car is worth on another quilt machine.)

Yesterday I met my new dermatologist and did not much enjoy the experience.  He took a divot off my back to test, but he also burned off a bunch of icky other things.  I am going back in ten days for another round and some serious laser work on additional assaults of time.  And ya know what, I do not go out in the sun, haven't since high school when I got a very bad burn which is apparently the reason for these lumps and bumps needing removal. That was over 55 years ago-  (hahah) 'as the crow's foot flies'.

Sat like Jabba the Hut today trying to master the Bobble for the sheep I'm knitting.  It's obviously smarter than I am in spite of watching 10 YouTube videos of complete experts.  I am TRYING to find the sequence which is only giving me almost a flat lace pattern rather than kumquat bobbles all over the surface.  So depressing, am going to stat over with a smaller of a more manageable yarn and much smaller needles until I have it burned into my brain.

So, lets call this week a bust from all the ripping out I am doing, and instead wallow in other artists' successes, K?  It's the Arty Party, slide on over!

German street artist 1010 (previously here and here) paints murals that seems to disappear within the walls on which they are painted, each work an optical illusion with brightly ringed shapes. The effect is a 3D cavern on a solid surface, produced by 1010 layering 6-10 warm or cool shades on top of a dark background or center. He has recently applied this technique across the globe, including a mural for the Backside Gallery in Marseille, France and a work on a large public building for this year’s POW WOW Hawaii Festival in Honolulu. You can see more of his recent pieces on his Facebook and Instagram.

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