Tuesday, May 02, 2017

intensive counterclockwise

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”
-      Albert Einstein

sleepy bebe

Our Quilt Museum show is over, the quilts have been picked up and are stored until theyare dragged out again in the middle
 of June for our Crit Group Redux show 
at Bentley College (which I understand 
is now Bentley University) 
where we get a room of our own and pipes 
and drapes. So stop by if you're looking for 
something to do in Waltham MA on J
une 9th, 10th, and 11th.

We won't be wearing these ever-so lovely
costumes because 'somebody' sent them to
 the cleaners and the sequins all came off.  
I also have one, but I am
 behind the camera this time.  

And it may be your last chance to grab a 
copy of our book so hike on over. 

Yesterday I got out of my doctor's in no time and couldn't waste the day so I headed for the studio.  Kudos to me, right?  Well, not exactly.  First I started putting away a few piles, or at least moving things closer to where they actually belong.  I got tripped up at all the thread on the floor along with dead bugs and leaves that blow in under the door, thanks to the guy who runs the leaf blower machine.  So I got out the neglected vacuum and went to work.  Suction wasn't right so I had to use the hose until that got clogged up. Turned it upside down to find the problem and meanwhile got stuck through the hose by a pin it had picked up-  had to find pliers to yank that out.  had to remove the canister, had to find a long stick to clear the hose, had to pull long threads from around the wheels, and actually should have gotten the Phillips head screwdriver to remove the bottom and give it a thorough cleaning.  Had to give up though because knees really hurt on the cement floor, so resorted back to cleaning with the hose attachment.

One of my friends is having her house renovated this summer and I offered to take back her quilt and store it until she needs it, but realized it needs a new label because it looks like it had been done on the wrong printer because the letters had run a bit and it had my old address.  I cut new fabric and got the fusible ironed on, then adhered it to a heavy card stock ready to put through the printer.  Computer wouldn't turn on.  The keyboard batteries were gone.  Fixed that, computer still wouldn't go on.  I tried all the tricks- unplugging and going through the Mississippis:  
one mississippi
two mississippi
three mississippi
and so forth.  Then replug.  Hold in three buttons at once, check modem, check plugs.  Scream.
Finally I coaxed it on, and wrote out the new label and pressed 'print' to get page placement.  No communication with printer, start all the tricks again.  I had put in new ink cartridges right before I went to Boston but the ink light was on.  I have a $#%^&* computer where you have to replace ALL the cartridges if one isn't working and the full set costs $95.  All cartridges, including the yellow one are showing full but there is apparently a problem with the yellow one that the printer is telling me in incompatible.  This isn't the case because I still have the boxes and it is the same as is listed that I have to use.  Scream again.  

I handwrote the new label in permanent marker and GUESS WHAT???  Yup-  it ran out of ink before I finished.  I decide to go home, the place is in a bigger mess plus has cost me money for not doing anything.  Mama said there'd be days like this.  I went home and have found a replacement printer online for a mere $799 but the ink cartridges are twice as big-  other than that it's pretty much the same printer I already have that won't work.  Old one is maybe 7-8 years old and has suffered from not being used every day like it should be.

I probably also need a new computer because that's just as old and takes a bloody hour to boot up any more.  This is one of those 'throw money at it' issues.  And completely wipes out my secret emergency fund but I can't do anything without my equipment.  I know the scanner will need replacing too but I am not gonna worry about that.  Yet.  And that is the end of my wishful thinking about the fancy schmancy longarm quilting machine.  Funny how none of you dear readers have ponied up a few hundred dollars each to get me that new shiny thing...  you'd think I was from Nigeria.

And, as luck would go, the dermatologist needs to work on some areas of my face that are squeamish  because they are squamish-ish or will be in about 60 minutes.  Have another 3 hour appointment to banish them for good but it means I must stay INSIDE for two days.  Geesh, how in hell does one stay inside in sunny Florida? 

Bad Day, all around.

So I'm gonna have an ARTY PARTY to get over it.  C'mon down!

These are all such big images because they DESERVE it!
You all know of my obsession with Nick Cave, don't you?  Well it seems he has a show opening at MASS MoCA that I am gonna see come hell or hight water on my next foray back in June.   Composed from tens of thousands of metallic wind spinners, more than 10 miles of crystals, and thousands of other traditional lawn decorations is Nick Cave's installation Until, a work which exists at two levels within the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art's (MASS MoCA) football field-sized exhibition space, Building 5. Illuminated chandeliers peek from within dense clouds of dangling crystals hung from the building’s rafters a story and a half above the floor. Several bright yellow ladders lead to the top of these glistening structures, showcasing crowded platforms that serve as home to dozens of ceramic birds, gilded pigs, colorful flora, and cast iron lawn jockeys.  There will be a book launch in NYC on April 26 at the New York Pubic Library and one at MASS MoCA on April 28. You can visit the monumental exhibition at MASS MoCA through August 2017. 

I think I like his work so much because he has more crap than I do!  I wonder if he needs an assistant...

True.  So true.  And I can't even get to that part for all th work I have to do BEFORE I work.

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