Tuesday, May 09, 2017

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 “A discovery is an accident meeting a prepared mind.”

Today I am trapped at home waiting for the guy to come hook my dishwasher back into place.  Yup, I have been reduced to doing dishes by hand since New Years when I saw the first evidence of Mr. Rat's permanent residence under my stove.  Things go worse as he moved around to IN my stove and I spent two days cleaning it out.  The Rat Catchers foamed up every conceivable entrance but no bait would atract this guy who was taken to eating the cut ends of a rose I had dropped and the top of my butter left out. Then he moved upstairs where he became a wholesale shitter and we found a particularly big pile where he sat on the edge of the overhang watching us in the living room below.  No amount of traps or baits or Rat Catching Guys deterred him until for a week there was no evidence except a towel mangled on it's end near the floor.  He had moved in under the island, a closed feature.  So dishwasher came out, traps went in and I was schooled to listen for the loud snap that would squash his head and his scream.  It never happened, and we never saw any evidence again.  So we called and they came to grab empty traps and write off their Whiney Sandy calls to the office.  Last step is having the dishwasher moved back and hooked up.  YEAA. 

See?  No Rats.  But a new rug!

Yesterday I had a mess of pre-cancers removed from my face so today I am miserable applying Vaseline and trying not to touch my giant red tomato face.  I am forbidden from going outside for 48-72 hours so that's why I sit here waiting for the Dishwasher hookup. They promised me I would be beautiful beyond my expectations, and that a prince would bring me the mate to my single polka dot Toms shoe-  hmmm, maybe it's just a Tom shoe.  They wouldn't however guarantee me that I will look 35 again.  I asked about 50 and they clucked their tongues and murmured, "...well, ummm, maybe..."  I just looked at my old passport picture when I was about 50 and I wasn't any bargain then anyway.  So whatever I become with this hideous 'procedure' will have to be OK.

My new printer, of course, arrived last night and I can't take it to the studio until the sun won't reactive my face in a day or two so it's sitting here the size of a Volkswagen bug in my living room.  This is the one with large capacity ink cartridges so I am hoping that the print quality is as good as the three other printers I have gone through!  I also have a laser printer that isn't working any more but I've had 6 or so good years from it and it was a cheapie from Office Depot so I can dump that one with no regrets.  TY may have his issues but never has he stopped me from getting new equipment for my art.  If I had a way to get my old printer back to Boston I'd love to have one there but it's just not worth the shipping and we don't drive back and forth any more.  

Today, trapped at home and unable to go out in the sunlight (Vampire, perhaps?) I made a batch of dog cookies.  I found this stupid-simple 'recipe' on line and the dogs love them:
1 cup Whole Wheat flour
1 cup rolled oats
8 oz. baby food-  I go for 4 oz chicken and 4 oz squash

Oh wow-  here is the original recipe:
2 cups 100% organic whole wheat flour (or wheat germ, or spelt, or rolled oats, or a mixture of these, etc.) 2 (4oz) jars of pureed baby food - beef, blueberry, sweet potato, chicken - whatever. Just make sure there are no onions/onion powder in it*.Aug 9, 2013

I have trouble finding meaty baby food so sometimes I puree leftover chicken or use whatever is wet and gooey I can find.  They love pumpkin so that's a go-to, but anything dog friendly is good.  Today I used pumpkin and some frozen blueberries leftover from smoothie production.  It worked fine, just keep it a stiff dough.  I use a little 1/8 c measure to put them on a cookie sheet and bake 20 minutes at 350.  The balls are about an inch in diameter. Oh, since I have 2 dogs I split them each in two before baking-  I don't go all the way through so I can snap them apart as needed.  You'll thank me next time you buy a $15 box of dog cookies.

Not so subtle nudge to what I SHOULD be talking about.

But even when I do go to the studio I start ,messing around with a new idea here, an old idea there that didn't work before.  Yesterday I made a new cover for a husk pillow because the old one was dirty.  And I fixed a pair of TY's pants.  Not exactly tickling my sewing bone, but 2 pieces of crap off the list.  It is much nicer being there now that it's a bit cleaned up-  can't wait to get back there and do another few passes at quilting the Hurricane Gates quilt.  I am on deadline for both pieces to finish by June 1 so I can enter a show back in Boston, whichever one is finished I'll enter since they both fit the size requirement-  that is if I stop adding things to the Shoulda Said piece.  Quilting on that will be easier too as I am planning just straight lines.  Zip Zip Zip!

And oh yeah, I have started 3 different little books and every time I'm there I add a bit to whichever one is front and center.  I'd like to finish those up too and perhaps get back into some encaustic experiments.  I have to leave the door open for that and since my door faces south, it gets damn hot when it's open.  I should have brought that pile home, I could be working on it now, sigh...


 In these small oil paintings, Toronto-based artist Carly Waito depicts the most minute details of minerals and crystals as they sparkle and glimmer. Waito seems to have a profound understanding of how light affects an object and gives each work an amazing sense of depth and focus. From her artist statement:
As a painter, Waito has continued to pursue this inspiration, with a focus towards geology, geometry, light, and a sense of wonder and curiosity. These themes are uniquely encompassed by the tiny mineral specimens which have become her particular obsession. With each finely detailed painting, Waito focuses the eye on a specimen’s particular qualities, showing the beauty and magic that is present even in nature’s tiniest objects, if one looks closely enough and with a curious mind.
So pretty- I want the whole set!

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