Tuesday, May 16, 2017

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A doctor can bury his mistakes but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines. (Frank Lloyd Wright)

Yes, this IS about squirrels!  Apparently a few early versions of Joy of Cooking contained directions on how to peel a squirrel-  these volumes re now worth thousands-  the about are taken from the illustrations.  You need a heavy boot.  I rest my case.

PROCRASTINATION, thy name is Sandy
Still folding, folding, folding-  today I finished up two more stacks of black prints and black and white prints.  I still have what will amount to another stack of blacks that I will tackle tomorrow instead of actually working on quilts.  Handwork, ya know, it boggles my mind any more

Here we have a glimpse of the sick dog sporting her IV port when she came home last night. The sign over her dish reads, "Beware, Strange Dog"  She ate a whole bowl of chicken and took her pills in the new pill pockets.  She slept all night, and the house was clean when she woke up.  All's right with the world.  I took her back to the vet early this morning for a spot check and it's all clear.  We removed her blue bandages and now, with her shaved leg she is a Poodle Pup.  Really, thanks for all the sympathy and cai=ring notes and phone calls-  I was wrong-  she apparently does have another mile or two in her and I'll take as good care of her as humanly possible for as long as she is OK with it.  I think she is hoping I slaughter the other dog but that won't happen either.

And finally in the parking area of the studio there's a car detailer that comes by every week or so to clean regular customers-  stuff all hooked up in the back of a truck and I noticed the outside door windows on my unit are filthy.  I asked hi if he would do the window and in a few high pressure squirts I suddenly had light coming through illuminating the whole place.  Why didn't I ask before???  I am so happy with the sun coming in! And these are tinted windows too!

ARTY PART-  shortened version after yesterday's glass houses!

Using found objects collected from within big-box stores, artist Carson Davis Brown creates color-specific installations for his photography series Mass. The works are organized conglomerations of basketballs, laundry baskets, wrapping paper, and other mass produced goods, each arranged by color within the stores they are found. After photographing the works they are left as is, experienced by passersby as a break from the monotony of the weekly grocery store run and eventually disassembled by the store’s staff.



I'd love to walk into Walmart and see this being arranged-  I'd even help!

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