Tuesday, May 23, 2017

relinquishes muddlers pave

"Art has to do with the arrest of attention in the midst of distraction." 
(Saul Bellow) 

Tresors Miniscules,  which must mean a squirrel taking a whipped cream bath.  I dunno.  Looks like he has his own atmospheric bubble too.

I finally got back to the studio for two full days.  i enlisted TY to carry my new printer over for me-  couldn't get the box into the Mini it's so big.  I can't set it up until I can hit the Apple store and get a new computer so the box sits in the middle of the floor.  I found out the emotional purchase Long Arm Quilting Machine won't be here until after I'm back from Boston so there will be all sorts of new learning curves going on-  lettuce prey they don't turn into learning KNOTS.  And we know they will.  Anyway, I am getting myself outfitted for my last quarter and I ain't gonna pay it any worry at all.  The Quilt Museum is taking FOUR of my quilts so that about cleans me out except got three pieces it seems are on an extended vacation-  been gone over 2 years for both of them and I checked schedules and both are adding new stops.  Keep hoping someone will actually buy something but it doesn't look like that will happen.

I was able to move some furniture around to see where the new machine might fit best-  I have a little sitting area and I think that will have to be dismantled to make room for all this stuff.  Mostly I just stack stuff on the chairs and hassock anyway.  I think I can move some shelves back farther into a corner but that will ned=cessitate taking everything off of them and stacking it somewhere while I move it, then restocking when it finds it's place-  a lot of work ahead of me and that isn't even counting finishing up these 2 pieces!  I can't make the deadline on the first piece and I am bummed out but thee is just too much going on these days to spend day in and day out away.  I tried to bring a piece home for handwork but the lighting here isn't working-  I thought the dining room table would be perfect-  chandelier, big picture window, and cans in the ceiling, but it doesn't hold a candle (get it?) to the daylight flourescents in the studio.  I LOVE them!  So I hauled the whole big fat quilt back and will do whatever I can.  Quilting is perhaps 1/4 done, too much to do in just 1 week.

As you all know about my rodent issues these last few months, Robbie My Ratcatcher showed up today-  it's been 4 weeks clear of Rodentia and he thinks it's a good idea to keep the outdoor traps baited to keep him out of the house for a return engagement.  Fine with me-  I am certainly enjoying not listening to find what drawer he's tearing apart!  May he be lying on a beach somewhere in Tahiti enjoying himself, while I have joined the following:
I do have something for the ARTY PART  to share with you today:

I LOVE this!!!

Artist Lorenzo Quinn  just finished the installation of a monumental sculpture for the 2017 Venice Biennale. Titled Support, the piece depicts a pair of gigantic hands rising from the water to support the sides of the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel, a visual statement of the impact of climate change and rising sea levels on the historic city. Quinn is known for his work with the human body—specifically hands—that he incorporates into everything from large-scale sculptures down to jewelry designs

Okey, I'm outta here, headed out to dinner and I deserve it-  I've been cooking all day for another dinner party this week.  I escaped a few this year so felt I was under the gun to do something before everybody is gone.  Tomorrow I intend to spend in the studio wearing my poor hands to nubs getting the 'wind' appliquéd down.  Wish me luck, send me jokes, call me and make funny noises-  I will need distractions!   

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