Saturday, May 27, 2017

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“you don’t have to use abstract language to explore abstract ideas”  
Vito Acconci

The Facebook 'thing' going on this weekend is about mean-girl quilters bullying other quilters who are not of the same religious and/or political beliefs.  Do you believe it?  Who would have thought it would edge into our little insular quilt world?  Before this virulent strain hit us, we could belittle someone for their thread choices or perhaps even how closely their quilt resembled their stolen internet images , but neither entered the political or personal arena.  I followed the trail to see what was going on and scanned all the messages and accusations and nasty comments, and found I didn't recognize any names that I knew.  And I can go on quietly unfriending and blocking people who are too vocal in their mouthing off about one thing or another I don't want to hear about.  What a discomforting change of attitude in these women.  Wow.  They are threatening to interfere with teaching jobs, publishing opportunities, and workshop bookings.  The threat doesn't extend to me but I am way disturbed that these Quilt Nazis even exist.

Today, after a night of debauchery and too much shish kebob and wine, I hit the studio with verve at the early hour of ELEVEN.  I was dressed and headed for the door at 8 but got waylaid with a bit more kitchen cleanup, a doggie who won't eat and therefore can't take her insulin, and another doggie who refused her morning pee time.  It took until 11 to get them sorted out, the dishwasher reloaded and the tablecloth back on the table (when it's damp it's easier than ironing it!)  But when I finally got there I dove right in and completely finished one side of the appliqué, a daunting amount.  I got the 'wind' strips pinned in place of the second side so MAYBE I will still make the deadline if I can work tomorrow for a few hours around a dumb pool party 
(Hey, bring your suits to jump in the pool!!!  As if.) 
and Monday nonstop, then get it cleaned up and photographed Tuesday.  But it felt good to be so into working that the phone woke me from my task at 6 PM.  

Hmmm, it's not nearly as crooked as that...
And all these wind strips have been replaced with bias.  Oh well, stay tuned for a Real Image.

So, more shish kebob tonight and it's do-it-yourself as I am still putting away dishes and licking out bowls of mezze.  There's a ton left, we will be eating it in different forms for days.  
So, here I am giving YOU your Memorial Day ARTY PARTY, no swimsuit required!  You're welcome.

Inka Mathew, a Texas-based graphic designer and owner of Green Ink Studio, matches tiny, everyday objects from ladybugs to jelly beans with their corresponding Pantone colour swatches.
In a personal project called Tiny PMS Match, Mathew combines everyday items with their Pantone Matching System (PMS). The objects she uses “pique her interest and/or have special meaning.”

And a short note memorializing my brother, Lance Cpl Gary R Townsend, USMC, who lost his life in Vietnam 49 years ago in 1968.  His life was not the only thing we lost that day-  his whole family lost their future, their hopes and dreams for their son and brother forever more.  You wouldn't think after all this time that it would still eat at my heart the way it does but I watched both my parents carry unbearable grief the rest of their lives.  I am the only family left to carry on his memory.  I've given my kids the stories but they never met him so don't carry the weight of memory.  Thanks for listening.   You won't hear me again until next year on this!   Sandy

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