Friday, June 16, 2017

premixed allies pajamas

 Everyone has a right to be stupid. 
Politicians just abuse the privilege.

A funny thing happened on my time away-  I lost all my regular readers!  Please return, get me back on your regular reading list, miss you all!  Especially the comments!  Come back, I'll make you Acorn Squash!

Lots happening today and it's barely noon!  First, on a National Level, Whole Foods is being bought by Amazon-  probably won't change my life any time soon but BILLIONS AND BILLIONS?  Wow. 
Next that kid who spent 17 months locked up in North Korea has finally been released only to find out he has severe brain damage and in a non responsive comatose state. You may remember this kid-  he was arrested and jailed all that time for taking down a propaganda poster as a souvenir from his hotel. And the next article was about Dennis Rodman visiting there for the fourth time 'for fun'!  Disgusting how the little tyrant demands visits by 'important' people when we ask for the release of an American being held.  And of course Rodman fills the bill.  Only more despicable is our own squat little tyrant-  they seem to be cut from the same cloth.  I'm all riled up.

Last night I sat at the studio (really I stood and folded another rack of fabric, the reds are today's goal)
waiting for my new machine to appear and 5 PM came and went so I left for home with a note on the door that if the delivery guy showed up call me and I'll race right back.  When I got there this morning to meet the AC tech 

  (my ceiling.)
the note was still up so I knew they hadn't attempted delivery.  Drat.  So I dealt with the AC guy, a Boston lad with big plugged earlobes-  we talked of lobsters, littlenecks, and cod.  And I was billed $685 for his chatter because I have been somewhat lax (!!!)in my AC  attentions.  He wants to come back to the tune of $899 more to rid my system of mold.  Sigh.  Told him I must wait on that.  Anyway, he was a fun kid and the time flew by as I was watching him up on the ceiling of the bathroom tearing things apart.  

At noon I went home with the idea to reschedule the new machine delivery, got to the drugstore and got a call that they were at the studio trying to deliver (sigh) so I dashed back to meet the guy and this is what I got:
New studio arrangement to make room -  kind of crowded but it's the best I can do to date.
Next, I need the installer to come fix it all up.  Time was I would have had it up and running in an hour but I could barely get the plastic wrap off the four big boxes.  Rodney, my guy who got it off the truck and inside for me, my new nice-guy trucker was great, and only twenty hours late!  Whatever, I have it now, even if in pieces. And at these prices I better damn well love it.  I joined the Facebook page in case I have issues.  I hope they don't find out I don't DO feathers and wreaths!

A quick ARTY PART today, I have to get the doggies taken care of and move my act back to the studio for more clean-out-  took two more lawn-and-leaf bags of scrap fabric to the dumpster today, and I still have three waste bins full that need to be redistributed so I can carry them out and heave them over the edge!  I just hope there aren't any raccoons in there to squash...

NASA Jupiter images
aren't we lucky to be alive to see these?


grandma susan said...

Congratulations on the wonderful addition to YOUR family. I don't know how you could sleep knowing that machine was lying on the floor waiting to be unwrapped.

Janet W said...

Still here. Miss you when you are silent.