Sunday, June 18, 2017

ferrous algolagnia ribwort

 You can tell a lot about a woman's mood just by her hands. If they are holding a gun, she's probably very unhappy.

Waiting' for my squirrel.

I did manage a bit of studio time today, but I still don't like being there on weekends-  it's all deserted and scary.  I hate it when I feel like a girl.  But today I had to trim 20" off a wonderful linen sheet from RoughLinen.  I ordered the size of my bed but when I put them on, the top sheet hung down to the floor on 3 sides.  Actually both sheets are flat, no fitted sheets there, and they certainly allow enough material.  In Florida any elastic disintegrates in one season so I thought this was a good idea.  Not.  I can't sleep without sticking out a foot or two so I need to get rid of the extra fabric.  Easy, flattened it out and rotary sliced off the offending extra fabric.  But a new problem has raised it's ugly head-  I can't tell the difference between the two shets so need to take this sheet back to the studio to embroider "T-O-P" on one.  Hope that makes it clear.  Anyway, they were pretty expensive so hated to modify like I did!

I didn't do any more folding today but found a bunch of plastic shoeboxes for the pieces too small to fold-  some of the fabrics are just too good to dump.  I'm not keeping anything from any quilt shops, just the vintage stuff, the upholstery stuff, and the most favorite slices of this and that.  Meet The Linen shelf!

I also danced around the boxes of my new machine like it was a life sustaining camp fire, but no magic ensued like it would if this were a Disney film.  It isn't.  Will call tomorrow to find 'the Guy'who can get it up and running.  Also tomorrow the AC guy is returning, or a new one will show, who knows.  I need to pay him So I sure better get a better system up there in my ceiling!  Hope it doesn't drip on my head any more.  LOOK!  Up in the sky!!!  It's a bird, it's a plane, NOOOOooo, it's AIR-CONDITION MAN!!!
(don't be fooled by the cool fans, they don't work.)

In Other News, my Sous-Vide container and lid arrived today.  I didn't have a pot that was flat bottomed and big enough for more than a piece of salmon, and now I am ready for Racks o' Ribs or whole briskets, whatever I want to cook for 3 days!  I do love everything I've made with it so far. C'mon over for dinner!

'cause I didn't forget.  Let's explore more Pantone!

Italian graphic designer Andrea Antoni searches the world for Pantone colors, reminding us to embrace the colorful nature of our surroundings.
In each of his landscape studies, Antoni digitally inserts his hand with a swatch, containing complimentary Pantone shades that are represented in the background. From an orange tone, popping up in a melancholic sky, to playful collection of greens, flourishing in the freshly cut grass - these color decks illustrate how Andrea sees the world. For a more dramatic effect, Andre sometimes mirrors the image or manipulates it in other creative ways, making the compositions more appealing.

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