Thursday, June 29, 2017

psyches trainsick aerosolisation

'Tried to Write, Virtually Useless. 
Complete Standstill. 
Unending Torments', 
Franz Kafka 1915

monkey squirrel on my back head

Studio news today, still folding, still making progress, still a long way to go-  maybe greens are halfway done.

SO, I dipped into another promised project from over a year ago.  

Here is the gate from our driveway guest parking space into our backyard pool area.  Nice, eh?  Except for one leeeetle problem-  TY likes to use the pool.  TY sees no need to have to wear bathing attire in his own yard.  The view from the street may be fleeting, but there are all sorts of people who come trooping through the yard unexpectedly-  the guys who check the irrigation, the landscape guys, the pool guy, and others too check pumps and critter traps and other things.  We decided we didn't want to spend hundreds on a gate replacement so I would make a banner to block casual 
views into the yard.

  See what I mean?

3 choices of leafy Sunbrella fabrics, and the one I picked.  

Adding big  grommets to the corners, and some giant twist ties from Home Depot.  The final panel from the driveway and from the yard.  Woulda been easier if he would just keep his pants on, but this is removable or can be turned around easily

Wow-  who would have thought you could see through white Sunbrella!  But here it is from the inside too.  I can turn it around, but it now falls into the DONE category and I won't revisit!.  My critic will be home Saturday-  will report on all the faults in this when he sees it.

I still haven't decided on the cut-up of the giant top I have finished.  I am thinking I want to do a chevron pattern up the sides, maybe leaving the center part as is-  whether it will all stay one piece or not, I don't know.  This all stems from a tile pattern we had talked about for the master bath-  giant tiles of marble in a herringbone pattern leading into the room, then a smaller version in the shower which has glass on 2 sides---UNTIL I found out what the labor would have been to cut, and WASTE- all that marble.  So I went with the biggest plainest tiles I could find.  I'm perfectly happy with it but still think about the  difference in price they didn't bother to tell me about until I loved it.  So, it won't cost me anything but anguish to use my own cheap labor to cut up a quilt, right?  And it certainly falls into the 'What I Shoulda Said' title.  And because of logistics it might well be cut in 3 pieces.  Jury is still out, will sleep on it again tonight.  I gotta move on this because I am ITCHING to get at 'Geneva', the quilting machine.  I found a set or three of long-arm rulers on Amazon and ordered them, have to stop into the quilt shop and get the special foot I need to use them.  Cannot wait!  

A smallish Arty Party today-  

As part of a recent series of embroideries, artist James Merry softened the bold logos of sportswear companies by adding stitched flora to vintage clothing. For instance a glacier flower and moss grow from an old Nike sweatshirt, and a FILA logo is topped by a mushroom cap. Merry is a longtime collaborator with Björk and creates many of her extravagant costumes for stage and music videos, and you can read a recent interview with him over on i-D.


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