Wednesday, July 26, 2017

fussily coddler couturiere

“In art,”one must throw one’s life away in order to gain it.”    Kafka

(no, I'm not the one who found him.)

I have to thank all you 'testers' for helping me get the blog back on track.  IT's kind of a pain to have to move between browsers but I'm sure it will be second nature for me at some point.  New Rule:  use 'https' instead of 'http'-  change your contacts.  Sure wish I had somebody who could sit by my desk and tell me what I need to do to keep up tech wise... and make me a new website but now that I've cut up all my quilts I guess I wouldn't have much to put on it.  Oh well.

ANYway, I want to tell you about my Joule Sous-Vide machine.  It's made me want to actually cook more lately.  The deal is that you stick a sealed bag of , say, STEAK, into a vat of water that has reached a constant temperature and it heats the food in that vat to be the same as the water.  Thing looks like the bottom of an immersion blender and it runs through an App on your iPhone.  As soon as the temp of the water reaches the optimum, there is a phone ring telling you to put the food in.  So, tonight I had a flat iron steak right out of the refrigerator.  I set the temperature to 131F for rare and in one hour it had reached it.  You don't have to take it out at that point, you have a grace period where it just sits there at your chosen temp, but then you take the pale thing out of it's sealed baggie and give it 2 minutes each side on the grill or in a supr heated pan on the stove, and done!  It's the smae shade of pink all the way through, it's delicious and steaky, so easy!  And no overdone or underdone parts.  If you have questions about Sous-Vide, ask me, and I will rave on and on.

After the steak came out of the water bath, I set the temp higher, to 185F, and stuck a bag of parsnips in to cook with butter and a bit of OJ and honey.  These will be used for a parsnip cake (think 'Carrot Cake'-  almost the same.) along with a bag of dolce de leche that cooks at the same temp.  This thing has changed my cooking!  

But back to the studio:
Adam and Eve with some pink basting thread

Too many damn angles

Almost finished basting today, have to finish tomorrow no matter how hot or how late I have to stay because I am getting itchy to get at the new quilting machine, Geneva,  there in the background.  Now, of course that the time is getting closer I am worrying over that.  Again, in no time it will be second nature- just hope I live that long.

So, that's about it for what's happening here in South Florida.  Temperatures still over 100 (heat index) but it sounds scarier than saying 98-  or whatever.  So, how about and ARTY PARTY?

Goethe- color studies
Off to figure out more ways around this Google Spoof. Ready for battle.

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