Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Testing Onetwothree Testing Onetwothree

“It is surely a great calamity for a human being 
to have no obsessions.” (Robert Bly)

I think I can, I think I can find out why I am not getting any hits on the blog and I can't load it any longer.

Detective work:  I always update my system whenever they tell me to, everything always at the latest update from the stupidest App to the OS system.  Seems theey told me to update a few months ago, I did successfully BUT they neglected to tell me that the new OS doesn't support the Blogger App.  More sleuthing ensued and the issue seems to be that in order to keep using Blogger I need to get a different browser so, people, meet Chrome.  We'll see if I get anybody this way.  I also found that the few hits I was getting were coming from a non-direct route rather than the same ole same ole URL.  Hopefully it is fixed, but if not I will continue to poke around until it is.  

At the studio, I am busily basting the giant quilt together so I can get it on the new machine.  I'm using pink double thread, the only color I can easily see against this very noisy quilt, and it means I have to thread the needle anew every 4 feet or so, a long and tedious process.  I think I hit the halfway mark today of one diagonal direction.  Perhaps tomorrow I will have uninterrupted time to make better headway with the pink thread.  I did take some pictures of the basting but I mean HOW BORING can ya get!

In Other News I signed up for a Jan Beaney/ Jean Littlejohn textile class for 3 days in January.  I can't believe they are coming here so I grabbed a spot right away. Unfortunately it is being offered at the exact same days and times that Jane Dunnewold is giving a class too, but I had to pick.  The one I chose is more about embellishment and embroidery while Jane is doing soy wax which I know I won't use, as much as I would like to dabble for a few days.  Hopefully I can wrangle a few pals to be there too.  If you are interested, contact me or the Armory Art Center in West Palm, and the classes both are Jan 19, 20, and 21. 

And I'll roll  right up to an ART PART just to keep the testing going.  

Artist Ronit Baranga creates ceramic sculptural works she describes as existing on the “border between living and still life”—objects guaranteed to either tickle your funny bone or haunt your worst nightmares, depending on your perspective. Baranga depicts dishware as sprouting human fingers and gaping mouths as the objects traipse across tabletops or physically cling to one another in a permanent embrace. The pieces are both silly and sinister as they come to life as if from a cartoon. 

PLEASE leave a short comment IF you got this blog working again, Ill take it from there, and hopefully get back a few of my former pals.  Thanks, and keep your fingers crossed that this is the problem!


Martha Ginn said...

Sandy, I just clicked your Facebook post and got you--reading you loud and clear. Had to hurry past those creepy ceramics with fingers!
Martha Ginn

Gabriele DiTota said...

Yes... I followed you here from Facebook... so you are working...if you get this!

Janet W said...

I've never failed to get one of your posts. For me, it has always been accessible and I had no idea what you were talking about when you said you had no hits. I check the url daily and I'm delighted when there is a new post. I access through the url. Didn't even know about the Facebook link.

virginiaggg said...

I, too, have been reading you regularly. Your counter just isn't counting properly.

Deanna said...

Sandy, I just start typing sandee and my computer fills in the address. I haven't had any trouble getting to the blog. It does load slowly, but otherwise fine. Love the new big quilt.

Susan Mcd said...

I've never had a problem reaching your blog and I check in most days. But it started loading very slowly after the post on collage. Keep it up just as you have been. I enjoy your creativity and understand your struggles.